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What is your favorite board game?

Asked by JonnyCeltics (2721points) July 22nd, 2008

Anyone tried any new board games that rock?

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Settlers of Catan is fantastic… so is Mille Borne (not sure if that counts as a board game)

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My favorite is Axis & Allies. I haven’t played a new one in a long time. And Chinese Checkers is my favorite if I want to play a quick game.

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I haven’t tried any cool new board games, but I get super competitive over battleship and checkers. ;)

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(sorry not new – very old but always fun!)

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Scrabble is my thing. At parties, Apples to Apples can be fun but it’s not a board game.

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@pupntaco/dave; I love apples to apples. Very entertaining game! :)

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Apples to apples (the adult version is particularly fun) and Quelf are good party games.
I am always, however, a fan of the classics. Dictionary game for me!

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Trivial Pursuit(s) I love trivia! Scrabble and Life.

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Although I don’t consider Apples to Apples to be a board game, it is quite an addicting game. But I don’t think I’ll ever love a board game as much as I used to love Candy Land.

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Monopoly anyone? Seriously though, I agree with you Apples to Apples lovers. And Scrabble always passes the time.

@foolaholic – you got a point for Candyland!

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i love scattigories, clue, and cranium.

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Balderdash is great

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I don’t play board games much these days, but when I do it’s usually Sequence. Unlike some games that are all luck or all strategy, this one is a good combination of both. I also like it that you have to work together with others to win, but there’s no table talk. Makes it a bit more challenging.

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@sndfreq – have you played Beyond Balderdash? it’s pretty great too.

our favorite game right now is Catch Phrase..not the board game version, though…just the one where you have the device that you pass around…so I guess my answer doesn’t count, but it is fun.

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I would agree Apples to Apples is a great party game. For board game though I would go with Betrayal at House on the Hill

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Can we consider ouija a board game (I have one manufactured by parker brothers). If yes, then I like playing with that thing, if not, then I love monopoly (just to get rich in a fast and furious way hehehe)

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I love Risk. Imperialism is the new black

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My fave is chess!

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I like just about everything except for Risk. I don’t have anything against the game itself but my husband is too good at the game so it’s about pointless. Usually we start the game out with everyone playing for themselves until eventually everyone is forced to gang up on my husband. It doesn’t work though, he still wins!

I love the Scene it! games, Scattergories, Balderdash, Monopoly and Rummikub. Oh In a Pickle is fun too.

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Solarquest would have to be my favorite, the only way to get it for about a decade was ebay or garage sales. They stopped making it in 1986. It is similar to monopoly in space but you have to manage your fuel. The more satellites of a planet you get the more money you charge for rent. If you run out of fuel then you are stranded on a planet. It has educational value as well because before you know it you have every moon in our solar system memories and there are like 50 of them.

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@noraasnave that game sounds awesome. I will definitely have to try and pick it up.

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I love Thurn & Taxis right now. German postal routes!

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