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How much coffee is too much coffee?

Asked by robmandu (21293points) July 23rd, 2008

So I went into Panera Bread to work this morning. Ordered a caffe mocha. They delivered a caffee sans mocha.

No problem. They made me a new caffee mocha… and said I could keep the latte anyway.

Now I’m sitting here with two cups of espresso & milk goodness (one a sugar bomb to boot).

Should I drink both? Will my fingers start vibrating of their own accord? Oh, my accursed life.

Too Much Coffee Man

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I find that I get the shakes after three 8 ounce cups of strong coffee, have to drink them within an hour for that. If i space them it does nothing of the sort. save one. heat the other later

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when you start talking like a speed freak your have had too much coffee.

There is only one way to find out how much is too much….....drink up buddy ; )

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I’d drink em both. What’ve you got to lose?I mean, one was free, but just as equally delicious, and the other was your original request and probably something you were looking forward to. I dont think there’s enough caffeine in the combined consumption to make a substantial difference. Down a Danish to make it an official breakfast if that suits your fancy! ;)

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it’s different for everyone. i used to drink about 5+ cups of coffee in one sitting during late nights when I was in college and go right to bed with no problems. although, the next day, my heart would be racing when i was walking back from class.

nowadays I drink decaf, so I can’t handle as much caffeine anymore. it’s kindof like drinking alcohol. some people can drink more than others…it can depend on what you are used to drinking and your size and how much you have eaten.

I’m sure there’s a more scientific answer, but i figured i’d give my 2 cents worth.

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Dude, give one of your beverages to someone in need! You’ll make his/her day. (Not a good place to pluralize the antecedent.)

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Save it for later? Cold coffee=yummy!

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@niki, I like it… ‘cept I was the only person in the joint at the time. :-\

Both coffee’s gone. Slightly buzzin’. Totally skipping on necessary work.

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Too much is when you start looking and acting like Scrat in ice age.

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If I have more than 1 cup a day, I don’t like the way I feel.

I was out on the road awhile back with a colleague, who wanted to stop at Caribou for a coffee. I ordered a small regular coffee, but they were offering free espresso shots that day and, like an idiot, I said OK. I was so sick I had to lie down for an hour. Some of us are way more sensitive to caffeine than others.

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Too much coffee is when you start looking & acting like Fry in the Futurama episode “300 big boys” for more reference click here :)

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I figure if I can’t hold a pen, I’ve had too much coffee.

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I actually gave myself caffeine poisoning in college, so I’d have to say that’s too much. Anything short of that seems okay, though.

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Well, hopefully you’re not still up to read this. If you are, it was probably too much.

When I’ve had this happen, it’ll be way past my bedtime and I’ll be laying in bed, my body exhausted and my mind still wired for sound.

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