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What does Fluther mean to you?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (20667points) November 7th, 2015

What do you get from this site, what would you like to see more or less of?

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The caliber and quantity of both the questions and the “expert” answers has more than stagnated, they’ve declined appreciably. I don’t mind the quantity so much, but the lack of interesting queries and knowledgeable answers is depressing.

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I love Fluther but I, too, would love to see more questions and more answers. I am happy that some inactive users have returned, although the event that summoned their return is not a happy one.

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Do you think people might get discouraged from asking questions,with the mods quest for perfection??
I have had questions pulled because they wanted it reworded, nothing wrong with spelling or punctuation just didn’t like the way it was worded,think that might discourage people just a bit???

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@SQUEEKY2: That’s worthy of a whole separate question, because unless someone answers this OP, they won’t see your question.

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The knowledge, but more than that the people. At least people here are not mean like other places on the internet.

And I don’t mind getting my questions pulled at all. I know there is always a reason why they get pulled and I’m happy to fix it. I don’t see why it will discourage me.

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What does Fluther mean to me?
In a word, procrastination. It allows me to putter around busily while sitting on my ass in front of the computer.

I try to ask some higher caliber questions and they seem to largely fall flat.
You can nail a question that actually has an answer and not get a single GA, while a trickster might get 6 GAs for something clever, but totally nonproductive.

Fluther has come full circle from an information site to an social site. And the tide pool shrinks by the day.

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Oh, the people. The arguments. The debates. The laughter. Occasionally I learn something new.

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I’m an easy going type and have no complaints. Fluther is a fun diversion, I enjoy many of the older members and consider them friends from afar, many newer people too. I take things at face value and enjoy the banter, laughter, interesting and sometimes inane questions and fluther is a great way to pass some time when I am in down mode, like today.
A cool rainy day and I am lying in bed with my cozy electric throw, flanked by my kitty and multi-watching/browsing, some murder mysteries and fluthering, catching up on my rest.

I consider fluther a familiar friend after almost 6 years.

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I like the feeling of community. I like being able to ask strangers for advice, but also knowing whom to trust on specific topics. I like lurking on threads – I learn something new every day. I especially like the friends I’ve made here.

Unlike the rest of the internet, Fluther feels “real” to me.

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@longgone Yes, it does feel “real”, as funny as that sounds.
OMG..I was on Yahoo recently and the number of hater lunatics was astounding. Super scary, the amount of angry and ignorant types out there. For whatever reasons fluther seems to mostly attract some really decent humans 99% of the time.

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The haters and lunatics don’t stick around long if they come here. Apparently Yahoo users tolerate, even encourage it.

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@Dutchess_III I never go there and I was SHOCKED at the amount of extreme hatred, name calling, mud slinging, it felt really toxic. Gah!

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What is it, anyway? Do you have a link?

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@Dutchess_III No, just browsing the responses to some articles, amazingly nasty people on there.

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Ah. I know what you’re talking about now. Amazingly nasty, and amazingly ignorant, too! There is a rock formation called Elephant Rock in Heimaey, Iceland. It’s pretty cool. It came up on my FB feed so I started researching to see if it was real. It is. But some of the comments were unbelievably ignorant!:

my daughter and I were talking last night about Bombay and how other people were instantly turn to statue statues all those years ago. what if it happened to those elephant? I read there was something like 30 shoes in the Sahara Desert, only one of them look carved to me. I’d love to find out if any studies have been made on these stone masses?

I’m not sure how big this is, but is it possible that a wooly mamoth is under there, or is it too big for tjat to be possible?

“i wonder the same….if it could b a fossil”

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Human contact and usefulness and answers to my questions. Also my writing skills improved from the time here.

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LOL! Everyone’s has!

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It’s one of the only places I can let down most of my filters, and say pretty much whatever I want.

So… Sorry, I guess?

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I liken Fluther to an ice cream cone. It’s comforting and enjoyable on most days, but some days it melts all over my hand and pisses me off.

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I’m never quite sure what fluther means to me. And I do think about it, because there’s a nagging suspicion that I hide here more than I should. There! The word “hide” is probably some sort of clue. I’ve tried to figure out through asking myself “what are the characteristics of the folks here who find the place a fit?” It’s a good tactic, and I’m always surprised that it is, because I can’t really answer the question. But the reason I know it’s the right question is because even without an objective answer, the focus shifts to the participants here, and instantly that “what am I doing here” nag vanishes. I can’t explain that either, but the reaction amounts to switching from self doubt to defiance. “If you’re wasting your time, so what?! It’s your time to waste Stop whining you sissy and get on with it.”

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@SQUEEKY2 “Do you think people might get discouraged from asking questions,with the mods quest for perfection??”

The mod quest for perfection ain’t nearly what it used to be.

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Perhaps the bar was lowered as the talent fled

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It feels like home. <3

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♫ The old mods quest they ain’t what they used to be…. ♫

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