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What are the best two professions for a Mage in WoW?

Asked by berocky1 (698points) July 23rd, 2008 from iPhone
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I’ve found that Herbalism & Alchemy are the most useful for a Mage. Skinning and leather working are useless as a Mage cannot wear leather.

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Serial killer, like every other player character in WoW, EverDeath, etc. Kill at an exponential rate to improve your character…

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okay cool! Thanks! How come there is so little herbs?

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A lot of people tend to buy them in the auction house rather than pick them. I prefer to rely on myself.

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Herbalism is a nice way to earn coin when you’re starting out too. After you reach level thirty it won’t seem like much, but those silvers seem like a lot when you are just getting rolling.

@Berocky, WoW has a very active forum on their website. You can learn pretty much everything you’d ever want to know about the game there.

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I agree about the forum. Although sometimes it’s hard to sort through the people bickering over which class is the best and so on. But all in all it’s a good source of information.

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@dragonflyfaith, It’s true. You really need to take the forums with a grain of salt. But, I suppose that’s true of most forums. I actually read, but never post because I’m not interested in someone criticize because my character doesn’t have the right piece of equipment or character build.

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@Bird Yeah I don’t post on them either, I just search for what I need or if the game is down I read the posts for entertainment. You can come across some funny stuff on there.

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