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Does anyone else think Erik and Andrew are handsome young men?

Asked by tinyfaery (43544points) July 23rd, 2008

I don’t think its just me.

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And what’s Ben? Chopped liver?

(disclosure – family)

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@gc ben is hot! But, alas, I would be a cougar should I be so inclined. All three are quite nice looking.

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They are all good looking, yes. Not many people can pull off a poo hat right?

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@PnL Great link!

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Gail, I didn’t mention Ben, only because he wasn’t on this months podcast. My bad. :(

Yes Ben is handsome.

Funny hat.

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I am going to see one of them at a family reunion at the end of the month.(Guess which one). I will report back on his present state of adorableness.

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How did this wonderful question get derailed into talking about that other member of Fluther? What is this world coming to?

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Heck, even I do!

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@andrew Well, your movie star good looks speak for themselves!

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I’ve met Ben and I can attest to his hotness EVEN WITHOUT the poo hat.
sorry, shouting again

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@susanc I don’t think he should go anywhere without it. It has a certain je ne sais quoi . . .

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Oh yeah they are soooo hot. Oh to have a night with them.
Oops inappropriate

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@osullivanbr You’re in the wrong thread. The one about doesn’t everyone have a little gay in them is elsewhere. : D

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Oh woops, sorry bout that. Crikey how embarrassing.

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ha ha ha Love this thread so far.

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Sure, they made fluther!
(erik is pretty too)

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Your response about chopped liver had me laughing so hard,! Gosh that hit close to home, WTF says that exact phraise to me about 3 to 5 times day. I had never heard it before. I had just said the exact thing and was about to write it, when i saw you beat me to it!!! So i will just second your answer and hope you won’t mind! I have to tell you, “Great Answer!!!” disreguard the following—g—g

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Hello. Folks. Eyes right here. This is the moneymaker. Right here.

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I’m gonna go with cute…..find it hard to refer to anyone younger than me as ‘hot’ or ‘handsome’ :)

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You know, every time someone shortens WhatTheFluther to WTF, I hear an innapropriate term in my head…....

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you’re not the only one!

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Me too! @syz: see!

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Well, hello there.
(waves and ;-) to Andrew, Ben, Erik)

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I was speaking about my boyfriend “whatthefluther” as I do not like to curse! My apologies to anyone offened!

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To answer this and gail’s question, I need only point all of you to

I will GA anyone who can identify three books on the shelf behind him.

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No offense, sccrowell, apparently I just have a nasty mind and a foul mouth.

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Yes! Rather dashing.

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@Tim: TEACHING W. YOUR MOUTH SHUT, by Don Finkel, the Brown U. Fifth Reunion Record Book, EDUCATING FOR FREEDOM, by William Arney and Don Finkel.

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Regarding the “eligible bachelors” topic:
– Andrew doesn’t qualify, since he has a master’s degree.
– as of last week, I’m spoken for.

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congrats erik!

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@Andrew; I see that your family has gone AWOL. Peggylou, Kelly, Maggiesmom and Hossman…gone away. Did the Fluthermobile fall into the Labrea tar pits?

Whereas some of Ben’s are still here – loyal and faithful and gabbing. FWIW.

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Don Finkel’s book is on my shelf too! Thanks Gail!

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That’s it? No “the check is in the mail”?

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I said I’d GA you. I’m a student. I don’t have money to send to amazing people too! :)

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I actually had the honor of meeting Andrew and he made quite an impression. See, you do not have to be family to compliment.

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i’ll just say this much: compared to real life, the video is unflattering.

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Now how did I miss this question? LOL! I once offered to introduce my niece to Andrew but I think his sister thought I was just joking. ‘Cause can we say SMOKIN’!

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Yeah, Vicky, I didn’t think you were serious at all! But, since Andrew is spoken for, I wouldn’t want to be pushing other ladies on him.

I don’t know about Erik, but I will say that my baby brother is a very handsome young man. “Smokin’? Um….ew. I changed his diaper, so the thought that he’s hawt makes me cringe. He’s my baby brother. But, apparently, I’m the only one who doesn’t think he’s hot, so there ya go.

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Yes, he is very good looking, especially when he gets his hair cut for an audition! But he was darling at the beginning of his career also! See for yourself!

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@Andrew’s family: glad you’re back; things were getting very one-sided.
@pl: how was trip?

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Aw, c’mon, Mom, you can do better than that!! Here’s Andrew at the TRUE beginning of his career:

ignore the overwhelming plaid and the bad 70s shirt and the ridiculous cheerleader

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Yep, they’d almost (!) make me go gay :P

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