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Has anyone here ever been bald?

Asked by Here2_4 (7124points) November 19th, 2015

On top, I mean.
My son mentioned he wants to shave his head. I think this seems like the wrong time of year for that. Can anyone here tell me if it will be colder for him if he shaves?
What about hydration? Will a freshly shaved head get dry, flakey? Or, maybe too tender for crisp, dry air?
What are your recommendations, and on what facts/beliefs are they based?

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Everyone has been bald.

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I have very little hair left on top of my head, and what there is up there gets cut down extremely short. Basically, I’m bald.

It is colder, so he’ll need a hat.

It is possible to be bald and still have dandruff. My dad does. He uses anti-dandruff shampoo on his little bit of hair.

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My uncle, who is bald, says that his head does not get dried out in wintertime. However, if your son’s does, you could just use some lotion or other moisturizer.

It’ll be colder, so you should ask him if he’ll be okay with wearing a hat more often haha.

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Answer from hubby (who wavers back and forth from being bald and being a long hair and speaks from personal experience)

- If you’re taking it down with a razor, you only want to shave once a week, maximum, to prevent irritation. DO NOT USE AFTERSHAVE or anything astringent on your scalp. Use hair conditioner in the shower, and lotion daily. Wear a stocking cap in winter, but other than that it shouldn’t be a big deal.

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This is all great help. I will pass on the advice and comments.
@Seek, since your hubby’s experience is so far the closest to my son’s, I am glad you weighed in.
The subject got my Mommy radar up, and I wanted to protect him from, I don’t know, icy skull, or something. LOL.
All comments are appreciated, and welcome, including anything with a pros/cons list item.

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I shave my head every couple of weeks. I live in Chicago, and I can report that there’s a considerable difference in how cold my head feels between freshly shaved and even just a weeks worth of growth. I was never a hat person before shaving my head, but I can’t do without one now (summer or winter).

I’ve never had any problems with dryness, though. The old scalp is fine, just a bit chilly.

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I was bald for a couple of months during my Chemotherapy and shaved it for a while. There is a lotion called something like ‘Baldguyz’ that I used to keep my skin toned between shaving sessions. I did find that Stocking Caps are much more efficient and warm on bare skin. (either that or my thermostat was running a little high) In summer I had to wear a terrycloth head band because I had no eyebrows to speak of so sweat would get in my eyes. Your son likely won’t have the same problem.

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When you are bald, you are the first one to know when it starts raining.

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Even if it’s cold and dry where you live, and even if it’s cloudy or overcast, your son should either wear a hat, or put sun screen on his head. I’ve seen lots of sunburned bald heads on tourists here in my neck of the woods, usually at the beach, but if he’s outdoors for any length of time and is used to having hair on his head, he’ll need to protect his skin.

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Aveeno makes a great line of sunscreen moisturizers. I have one that’s SPF 75

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@Here2_4 You mean it’s optional? :) I wear a hat to avoid sunburn, which also shields my eyes a bit from the sun. Other than that. I put it out of my head. :)

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I am totally bald. (Shaved head), But I live in Fort Myers Florida. But I have noticed, when i go into a casino, or a mall, etc. If the air conditioner is cranking, my head does get cold

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