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Do you agree or disagree with Texas Rep. Tony Dales' statement that: We Can’t Take Syrian Refugees Because It’s Too Easy For Them To Buy Guns?

Asked by rojo (24179points) November 24th, 2015

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I don’t agree we can’t take in refugees, but I did see an interview with an intelligence government guy who said part of ISIS’ schtick is rogue cells in individual countries, and in the US ISIS is very happy it’s so easy to get guns.

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New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu addresses the media following a shooting that left 17 hospitalized. CNN affiliate WDSU was there live.

That shit just happened and was on CNN’s homepage for a few hours.

I just checked and now we have this: 5 people shot near Jamar Clark protest site in Minneapolis

That is just in the last few days. I am sure I am missing a few toddlers being accidentally shot too.

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Whose fault is that? NRA, anyone? Politicians in their pocket?

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How can someone who refuses to place limits on gun sales then turn around and say that we can’t do a humanitarian act because guns are too easy to get? I am seeing a simple solution to both problems.

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I’m thinking that the whole situation highlights the hole that the Right Wing dug for themselves. They can either change their morality by cracking down on guns, or they can make a blatant display to the entire world of being inhuman monsters that no civilized society should allow into power.

Of course, it could cause potential problems with those abroad who think that the Republic of Texas speaks for all Americans…

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Why shouldn’t we expect and defend Syrians snatching up as many guns as they can? Name a single thing that would prove them more eager to assimilate. What is more American than an individual with his own Arsenal?

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