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Xbox One game recommendations?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (10930points) November 29th, 2015 from iPhone

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I am so old school that all I can suggest is the Crash Bandecoot series I had an absolute blast playing with my kids….oh and if you want to be a Rock Star….Guitar Hero is a rockin good time as well.

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What genre did you have in mind?

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It really depends on who will be playing them and what they like. I’m getting this “need gift advice for a gamer” vibe so if you could tell us what games this person has played before it will give us something to base recommendations on.

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My husband and grandson are hooked on Destiny right now. I miss them.

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My husband likes

Assassin’s Creed.
Call of Duty.

My kids loved Guitar Hero. That was on Xbox360 I think. Not bought it on Xbox1.

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Black Ops 3
Star Wars Battlefront
Halo 5

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@ucme it sounds like you and Mr @Judi would get along. Can you PM me a review of Star Wars? He’s thinking it might be to much like the Crucible on Destiny. It’s the part of the game he likes the least. Is there much of a storyline?

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From the reviews I have watched, those games all suck.

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@ragingloli, we’ve got our money’s worth out of Destiny. What games do YOU suggest?

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@ragingloli Maybe you shouldn’t rely on reviews so much then, make your own decisions.
Of course, it’s the multi player aspect that gives any game the edge.

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To hell with multiplayer.

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Witcher 3
Metal Gear Solid 5
Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor
Tomb Raider
Wolfenstein: The New Order
Wasteland 2
Dragon Ball Xenoverse

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Heehee, each to their own.

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Campaign and multilayer gamers are different animals requiring different food. I think that’s where all of the battlefront hate is coming from. It does not cater to the core audience who are thirty something and can’t really play multilayer because they actually suck at gaming.

I do like battlefront but I would also recommend bloodborne. If this gamer has a ps3 or ps4 then the last of us is the best game I have played in over a decade. Why? It’s got a great campaign and also a great multiplayer. It’s been a year and I still play it. Most games I’m done with a month in.

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