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Asked by cecildooderbop (192points) July 23rd, 2008

I’m still pretty young, but I’ve liked the same guy for almost 3 years, and he has feelings for me. Do you think I’m wasting my time or missing out on other people?

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Hey, some people find true love right away. My philosophy is that, say you are meant to be with 1 out of 1,000 guys. You might have to date 999 to finally meet the right guy, or, you might meet Mr. Right on the first shot. That said, dating allows you to see what characteristics are important to you in a mate in the long run. Good luck.

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from what you have said (very little) it sounds like you should give dating this guy a shot.

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Follow your heart. There’s no point in dating others that you’re not interested in – at the same time, it’s not healthy to be stuck on one person if things aren’t working with that one.
If you feel like being with this guy, be with him. If you feel the need to meet other people, go out and meet other people.

Your lovelife shouldn’t be planned out logically – that defeats the whole purpose of it. Romance, attraction and love aren’t reasonable or logical.
Just do what feels right and makes you happy.

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You like him, he likes you. I say go for a relationship.

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Go for it!


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After 3 years, I’d think that you’d love him. Do you?

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Where’s the question? You love him, he likes you. Just don’t sit around thinking too much, otherwise neither of you will say anything and you’ll regret it. And don’t expect him to make the first move. He’s probably shy. Always assume that the other person is shy.

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Just go for it. Its been 3 years. I think its worth a shot!

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How old are you?

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Give the relationship a chance

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You are young (15), you have your whole life ahead of you. If you’re not sure about giving it a go, don’t. Follow whatever instinct is telling you it’s not a good situation. You have tried before, and if you keep going back to the same situation, whatever broke you apart before will come up again. Live your life and don’t settle. Ever.

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There’s a difference between dating a guy and marrying him, @gimmedat. If she finds a way to be settled (settle meaning home, comfort,) then she should enjoy that too.

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I am talking don’t ever settle for less than what’s best. She has no reason to rush into any relationship right now, especially because this guy was her boyfriend for a time. I happen to know that the guy cecildooderbop is interested is a tad manipulative and is trying really hard to get her back. Besides, if she does decide to try to make it a go with this kid again, she has to deal with her dad and me.

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Move on Cecil, you have to move on. You may not be wasting your time, but you are missing out on other people, specifically another person whose initials are CH!

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I have to disagree with something that wildflower said. I think that, while love, romance and attraction may not be logical, your dating life can (and should) be reasonable and at least somewhat planned out. Before you can decide who you want to be with, you’ve got to decide what kind of person you want to be with. And in order to do that, you’ve got to decide what kind of person you want to be.

Sounds like you’ve got some issues with this guy (or your mother does, at any rate). If you are wondering whether you’re wasting your time with him, sounds like you’ve already got your answer.

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