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Healthy vegetarian car snacks.

Asked by delirium (13715points) July 24th, 2008 from iPhone

I am venturing on a 14 hour drive tomorrow. There will be four adults.
Some sugar is okay. Being awake driving is good and too much caffeine makes some of us wiggly and annoying (this weird Sara chick). The best idea I had so far was penut butter cracker sandwirchs. Refridgeration is not a possibility. Too much salt is gross. The only kind of chips that I eat are wheat tortilla chips. The less things on the label I need a masters in chemestry to understand the better.

it’s 6am and my brain is dead and I am too nervous/anxious to sleep

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Carrot and celery sticks (skip the ranch if you want to keep it healthy and celery also works good with peanut butter), dried fruit or trail mix, fresh fruit (nothing too messy and don’t throw apple cores out the window), pretzels, cookies.

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baby sweet corn and mangetout

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Oh,oh pick me I know the answer!
hummus and bagel chips.

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or those little twisty soy… Things. Dunno what they’re called but they taste really good. Dunno how healthy they are, but yeah…

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Bring cereal. Like cheerios or Kixs. =] Also fruits are good like apples and grapes. Rice cakes and granola bars are great too. Possibilities are endless!

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Nuts. They can be raw or low-salt if you prefer. they provide energy and have protein. Walnuts or almonds are excellent.

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I will see Marina’s nuts (oh, dear!) and raise you trail mix. I like to make my own out of almonds, cashews, dried cranberries, and sugary chocolate covered things from the bulk aisle.

Will also second the hummus recommendation—I didn’t have one of those minifridges in college, and I used to leave it out for days and it never went bad. So I think you should be okay.

Trader Joe’s sells these amazing flax seed tortilla chips that I strongly recommend. Regular and spicy—both are good. Also, I had to stop buying their sesame cracker things because I would eat the entire bag in a day.

You could do tofurkey (or similar) sandwiches—I’m sure they’d keep for the duration of your ride.

And your favorite fruits and veggies will probably also survive.

(And most importantly—where are you going, and when will you be back!)

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Slice apple just before eating (Swiss army knife essential for any kind of travel) and sprinkle a little cinnamon on it. Pistachio nuts (preshelled and unsalted), fennel bulbs, Brazil nuts, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, celery w. some decent peanut butter in hollow.

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@Niki I will confess before all of Fluther that I am testicle-free and proud. Wanhhh! (Me whining because there are no Trader Joe’s in FLorida and I want to go buy all those things you mentioned.)

Tofurkey, should you be so ill-advised as to choose that, probably has a half life of 10,000 years.

Raisins are good. I like golden raisins.

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Hummus and pita, hummus and pretzels, hummus and fingers… If you like hummus and don’t mind the salt, chow down.

Although you must remember, salt = thirsty, thirsty = water, water = squirmy Sara and numerous potty breaks.

Dried fruit FTW.

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trail mix is great!

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Salty things are gross anyways. :)

I appreciate the answers (though I should have specified that trailmix and granola bars were a no brainer. )

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I <3 you though.

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hummus and carrot sticks, rice cakes and peanut butter, energy bars, almonds…if you go to Trader Joes you can buy pre-packaged veggie sushi, which is yummy and filling and not too messy to eat in the car.

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Yay! Snacks have been purchased. Thank you all!

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@gail: how I long for that apple on flights, but a plastic knife just won’t do the trick and I have to slice it, like you suggest. I remember when they used to carve prime rib for those in the front of the plane. Gone are the days. I can’t even get more than 3 oz. of peanut butter on board these days. Good thing it’s a car trip we’re talking about here.

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@nikipedia we like the tofurkey sandwiches, on some ezekiel bread with a bit of veganaise. Toss in a couple romaine leaves and a slice of cheese or your prefered surrogate. That’s heaven compared to most food available at airports and on the planes.

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