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What are your new years resolutions?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (18817points) December 25th, 2015

Can we make a list to pick over? Mine is to save money and read more library books, and to eat better.

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Lose weight.

No complaining to my husband for 6 months. Fake positive if it kills me.

Look for a new job or start some sort of business.

Try teaching a Zumba class.

Drive to Michigan to see my college friends at least 4 times a year.

Buy a condo or house in Florida.

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To stop making New Year’s resolutions.

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For the first time in my life, it’s to lose weight. And to do everything in my power to fix my rib injury, since I’ve had it for years and I’m completely sick of it.

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I have none, just some goals….hasn’t this been asked before?

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I resolve to back off on my physical training and to try to gain weight. I’m 65 and retired last January so I had plenty of free time to exercise. I joined two very competitive canoe clubs and a dragon boat club. All this year I pushed myself through 2 and 3 workouts a day with racing on the weekends. I consider myself lucky that I was only injured twice and pushed to near absolute exhaustion once. I can’t do this again in 2016. I have to remember that I’m not 40 years old anymore.

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A few days ago I received this from my grandma (seriously hate her)

I lived with her when my mom was in prison. And I am fairly certain her greed led to my aunts suicide. (aunt = her daughter, we lived with my aunt while social security was going through (it took a year(survivors benefits)))

I’m not even sure how to express my anger at this lady. The damage she did for financial gain is incalculable.

But she sent a letter and a few photos and I haven’t said a fucking word to her in 20 years since she stole our (1827 a month for the Social Security I got from my mom killing my dad and I was wearing shoes in the 7th grade my sister boosted so I would have shoes and she was 13 risking getting caught so I would have some shoes from Payless.)

Drifted into a rant. Fuck you. You decided to send a letter and some photos after your stroke and diabetes made you blind. You made my life horrible years and my sister was in a skinhead gang since they would make sure I had shoes in middle school.

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My News Years resolution is to establish my self as a professional and learn how to keep my emotions and my business separate. This far, I had very little success in being less emphatic towards coworkers and employers and it actually affected my status in the company that I am still working for. I’m simply one of those persons who can’t say NO.

This year I am planing on changing that. Here is a great list from my favorite ProOpinion resources on that topic, called 7 new year’s resolutions for a busy professional :) Hope it will inspire you!

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