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Could I make up with the guy I kissed in first grade even though he hates me and keeps bringing it up at church?

Asked by Wolf_girl100 (88points) December 25th, 2015 from iPhone

So, there’s this kid in my grade, while we were in first grade I made him kiss me one Sunday. Now he hates me and keeps bringing it up at church! I need help, I moved on and got a real boyfriend, but now I think he’s jelous

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Yes. Ask him instead of us. No secrets.

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Welcome to Fluther.

Okay, you may be the only one who doesn’t get this yet, but a boy who “hates you” and “keeps bringing up stuff that happened in the past” does not hate you. He can’t find a better way to express it yet – and here’s another news flash, he may never find a better way – but he likes you.

I sense that you’re probably still too young to have “a real boyfriend”, but that’s not my issue. I’m not your dad or your mom, and times have changed since I was a boy, and since I raised my own family, too, for that matter.

You’re definitely too young to have two boyfriends, so I would suggest that you leave things as they are for now.

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Unless you guys are now in second grade, this really shouldn’t be an issue.

I think any person using first-grade “cooties” as a bullying tactic should be mocked publicly until they stop. But then, I don’t play well with others.

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I am in 6th grade thank you very much. And I actually have an ex. He loves in my neighborhood and he doesn’t go to my church. And then there’s that other guy… I actually hate him.

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So, you’re eleven?

Honey, you’ll have plenty of time to have boyfriends after you actually start producing the necessary hormones to want one.

Go read a Babysitter’s Club book or whatever it is you kids do these days.

god, I’m old

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Honey? I like books, but me and my boyfriend have a past “mom”

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Say “I’m sorry for what I did when we were in first grade”. Then ignore anything after that. He’ll forget and move on.

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@Wolf_girl100 No, you do not have an ex. You don’t actually know what that is yet or even a “real” boyfriend for that matter. You’ll know it when you find out. You need another couple of years before you’re legal on fluther…..flagged.

@Seek you are not old, you’re in your prime. I’m old, but not ancient like some others here.

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Why worry? You have moved on and got a “real boyfriend”, for now, what the other guy thinks fugedabotet…..

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You have a history? Like that time he totally gave you a diamond in Minecraft?

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@Wolf_girl100, @CWOTUS is right. This boy actually likes you and he’s jealous and hurt that you have a new friend but he lacks the emotional maturity to explain that to you. While I can understand you think we’re being ridiculous to suggest you’re too young to be thinking about relationships with boys, that you can’t work this out and it’s causing you trouble is proof that you’re too immature to manage such situations. You can certainly tell him you’re sorry if you’ve upset him and you’d like to be friends if you both want that, I think that’s as far as you should try to take this for now. There’s plenty of time in the future for boyfriends when you’re older.

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An 11 year old with “a past”. My great hope is that perhaps it is good that you arrived at the “stupid years “far ahead of the curve. With luck you can be pregnant at 13 & divorced by 14 & then proceed toward a productive and useful life.

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And… this is why we have age limits on this site.

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I agree with @DrasticDreamer tell him you are sorry then ignore him.
If he keeps it up ask him if he likes you. He’ll probably say “no!”, to which you reply “then can we please drop it” then ignore him
If he still will not stop, tell him to “get over it and go away” then ignore him.

If nothing seems to work or he says he does like you – then come back and wade through some more shit about how young you are and how insignificant this is. . . and maybe get some decent advise/help from someone that cares like DD : )

In keeping up with the tone here :
Boys can be so stupid and such a pain in the ass sometimes.

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I might. Just do that. Thanks y’all!

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How has this infant’s account not been nuked yet?

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@Seek I was thinking the same thing.

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Thanks. But I’m not an infant.

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In good fun, you’re smart for an 11 year old kid but please don’t go “boy crazy” you have kid stuff to do. That’s not an insult. Enjoy it while you have it because the memories you make at your age will be with you the rest of your life. The mods will pull your account since you are not old enough to be here.

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