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Do you think this prank on Japanese TV crosses the line? Explain why.

Asked by ragingloli (47295points) December 26th, 2015

I think it is fucking hilarious.

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Yes. Because it’s cruel.

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Yes because I don’t think terrorism is funny or something that is to be joked or pranked about. But that’s just me.

If you ever have terrorism happen to you or a dear loved one, be sure to pop in and let me know how “hilarious” it was ; )

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Do you have a translation into English? It was bound to happen. The next prank would have to be worse. I think that pranks have jumped the shark. At least I now have experience into how people react to real world situations. I hope that the victims don’t get PTSD.

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@ragingloli Thanks for both of your links.

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@ragingloli (NSFW ) Google ex-men on YouTube watch Jean Gray and others. Funny.

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I don’t think it was funny. What if that were my family terrorized while people laugh at the video? What if someone got hurt when they dove on the floor? Totally unfunny and sad that people are laughing hilariously.

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I don’t think it’s the end of the universe or anything, but I prefer the “monster in the elevator” type of prank – things that any rational adult could laugh off.

Maybe it’s because I live in America, and actually have to consider whether the places I’m going in any given day might attract gun-wielding narcissistic sociopaths before I wear my Baphomet t-shirt.

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Ridiculous. Clearly they can only pull that BS off with unarmed citizens.
By the way for the numbnuts who were laughing. What did you expect the guy to do? How would you have reacted? Do you think you’d behave any differently?

If the victim had reacted quickly and ripped the throat out of the actor would everyone still be laughing? Who should be sued?

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Yeah, no, not really funny. I don’t think faking any kind of violence is funny. You never know who might have PTSD, who might know someone that died violently, who might have anxiety that could lead to a panic attack, etc.

And like @Seek said… maybe it does have something to do with the fact that we’re American and that seems like it can literally happen anywhere now. I know that if I was in the situation, my gut reaction would be that it was another mass shooting.

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First it depends on whose line it is, or who set it. Basically I think a prank crosses the line if it causes a person physical harm, causes them to have a heart attack, or pee their pants or panties, and that line can move depending on the person. In general not many pranks are good, but some carry more negative effects than others.

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I think they’re insane and sadistic, or at least madly insensitive, to do that, because they let the guy think there’s a deadly attack happening, and keep it up. People could do anything, from jumping out a window, to attacking people for real, to dying of a heart attack.

Um. Though I suppose it is possible or even likely that to avoid liability, they actually tell the victims what’s going on to some degree, to avoid the above. Some of the US “prank” shows seem to do that. In which case it’s slightly less irresponsible.

And, because life doesn’t all make sense and neatly line up with morality, I thought it was also somewhat funny when guy #3, who was best at taking serious cover, switched to trying to hide behind a folding chair and walking around with it. Not so funny and suggestive that they’re all in one it: If he was really believing it, he might have brained the “rescuer” with it when he burst in the door.

Also, does YouTube only do CC in one language? I’m getting Spanish subtitles – is that my browser or Flash or YouTube being confused in a way I can change, or does that video just only have Spanish CC data?

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I despise these fucking lame prank shows, the acting is terrible, the sets & premise even worse & the “hit” is so obviously in on the unfunny, pathetic joke they all may as well be dressed as clowns & arrive in a collapsing little car.
Genuinely don’t understand how anyone with even half a brain could find shit like this even remotely entertaining given the viewer is the only one being “pranked”

And now…i’ll tell you what I really think…

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Y’all have no sense of humour.

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Nope. None at all.

(Especially if it involves the sound of gunfire.)

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So the terrorists have won already.

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No sense of humour? Why I laugh at ze Germans all the time, but don’t mention ze war!!

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Sorry. Loli, but I live within five miles of the movie theatre where an ex cop blew someone away for using a cell phone during the previews, and the street where Muslim women were shot at and run off the road for the crime of existing.

Truly random gunfire is becoming far too common where I live to find it funny.

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Like police sirens and smoke alrms, gunfire should always taken seriously

I can see those idiot planning te next show now…
“Dude! Hey! I’ve got a great one! Let’s have someone yell “Fire!” in a theater and see what happens! We’ll set up the camera on the doors leading outside.
Good one Dude. I got one… Let’s have Jane stand near a guy shopping at a crowded shopping and have her yell “Rape!” and point to him. We’ll video bystanders’ reactions!”

@Zaku. Braining someone with a chair is a Three Stooges move. The correct way is to swing it flat and aim for the attacker’s throat. ;-)

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@LuckyGuy He was seeming pretty stoogey at the end. Yes, I was imagining swinging it flat…

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