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What's good about Fluther these days?

Asked by gimmedat (3943points) December 26th, 2015 from iPhone

I don’t think I’ve been on Fluther since 2010 when I decided to take a break, and now it’s the end of 2015 and I’d like to know what’s good, what’s bad, what’s (and who’s) the same about Fluther.

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Hello @gimmedat! I remember you.
The saddest thing that has happened here lately is that we lost Gailcalled to cancer.
It has been really slow on Fluther. There doesn’t seem to be as many arguments as there used to be. Lots of the oldtimers no longer come here, which is disappointing because they had a lot to add to the site.
Thanks for dropping in.

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I’ve been here now since 2110, it will be 6 years in march, so I am now, one of the “old timers.” haha
Fluther, what’s good… Fluther is like a familiar coffee shop, some old friends some new peeps, comfortable, warm, cozy, minus the hearty smell of coffee and pastries. lol
As @chyna mentioned, the biggest sad/bad event recently was losing our long time member Gail.
Otherwise, Fluther, for me, remains a familiar place to shoot the breeze, play a little, learn a little and just hang out during down time.

It’s what you make of it, as are most things in life.

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Gail’s loss was a tragedy. What was nice was when many long lost Jellies returned to pay their respects and say hi to the rest of us. Sadly, I don’t think many of them stayed around long, which was what I was hoping and I think a bunch of other Jellies were hoping would happen.

What’s good? Like @Coloma said it’s like a coffee shop with familiar friends. I know I can ask a question and I feel like I personally know many of the people answering. Many of us are in touch on FB which gives another dimension to our collective.

What’s bad is that it’s very slow and there are not many members. I can return in 7 hours and may be maybe three new questions posted in that time.

I’ve been here since 2007 and I’ve seen the site grow and then shrink.

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oops I have been here since.2010 not 2110. I wonder if fluther will still exist in 2110. lol

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Thanks jellies. I was clicking about and noticed that there were categories for questions now and that not many questions were added in the time I was hanging around. I also read through the @gailcalled threads and they were awesome. I remember her flower avatar and words of wisdom well, I understand why her absence has been felt by the community.
I’d like to stick around and see what’s good.

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@gimmedat Please do! We love when old jellies come back.

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@gimmedat Yes, do stay..we need new blood or recycled blood. lol

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Hi @gimmedat! I’m the user formerly known as jonsblond.

I haven’t been very active but I have noticed that it’s pretty calm around here lately. There are very few personal attacks and derailing of threads. It’s nice imo.

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What is good? Surely you jest, but thanks for the belly laugh, I certainly needed it today. What is good……um….er….ah………it hasn’t tanked yet. What is bad….c’mon, there is only 24 hours in a day, there is not enough time to go through it all, but welcome back, just watch where you step, you might have to scrap something off your shoe. :-)

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@Hypocrisy_Central, I’ve been lurking and have seen your posts. I like your vibe.

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^ [… I’ve been lurking and have seen your posts. I like your vibe.
A sincere thanks, I try at least to be one voice of logic and reason here to tease the brain matter on something that matters since no one here can interpret dreams, or can diagnose medical problems via cyber space.

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Most people actually care and want to help. That is refreshing.

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Welcome back @gimmedat I am a newbie here. I agree @LuckyGuy that people do care and want to help. I may be different from most jellies in that I do not belong to or use any other social media. No Face Book,Twitter etc etc. My experience here is positive.

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@si3tech I’m in the no other social media club too, fluther is it for me as well.

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Welcome back, @gimmedat.

I came long after you left, and I’m glad you stopped back in to check things out. Hope you’ll stick around awhile.

There’s much less backbiting a personal grudges than there used to be. Takes a little spice out of things, but definitely make a kinder, gentler Fluther. We disagree much more amicably than in the past.

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Me, it’s always been about me…ucme :D

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Hmm, never saw too many personal grudges here just some personalities clashing.

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Hi @gimmedat! Nice to see you back!

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Unprecedented achievement.


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It’s now cozier than it’s ever been.

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@Blondesjon You can come snuggle under my blanket!

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@janbb . . . I would in a heartbeat were it not for a penguins notoriously cold feet.

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^^^^ and fish breath, don’t forget the fish breath. lol

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Boy, how you stick up for your fellow beaked friends ~~~

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@Hypocrisy_Central Haha…couldn’t resist. Here, allow my giant beak to flip you a grape or a bowl of froot loops. lol

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^ Well Fruit Loops wont’n work, neither will Lucky Charms (not on that team), but Count Chocula might work (have to keep my color up, you know) ;-)

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Hello! We had a little but of a lull, but it seems to be picking back up again. Some of the jellies who came back to say good bye to Gail have stuck around, and I couldn’t be happier.

We have had some big parties in the Mansion. Lots of lurve.

We have some new jellies who are a nice addition.

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@gimmedat is that really you? I haven’t spoken to you since… I haven’t been on since saying farewell to Gail, I returned to post in another memorial thread and saw you here.

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