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Ok, you are in the shower, how do you handle the 'leg situation'?

Asked by msh (4270points) January 6th, 2016 from iPhone

Everyone has their own bathing patterns of washing themselves in the shower. John Hamm was accepting an award for his work. In his acceptance speech he mentioned that not all of life’s decisions are difficult- that one can lift their leg to wash the appendage in the shower. You don’t have to bend in half to wash the leg as it stands stationary. ( I suspect his answer may have more of a background.)
So shower-ers- which way do you wash your leg and feet- doubled over or still standing. Do they come up to you, or do you bend to their level…(I made a funny!)
***Yo! Bathtub people who love their baths- a question for you also. Do you wash one side of the body all of the way down one side, and return up the other? Or do you cover it all- finishing with washing both feet? Shampoo in the same bathwater also?

No pun intended- please keep the answers ‘clean-ish.’
Thenk yew.

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I bend over to soap and scrub my legs, but I lift my foot to wash my soles. And I use a washcloth.

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Lift leg half way, bend over half way. Nothing complicated about it.

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I detach them and throw them in the washing machine.

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The shower’s a slippery place to be balancing on one foot. I’m trying to remember whether that happens a lot. Yes the leg comes up to deal with feet & toes.

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I bend.

It also acts as a gauge, when it gets harder to do so, it is time to make some lifestyle modifications and get back into shape.

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I lift my legs to wash them. One at a time, of course.

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A little bit of both I think. Mostly bending, though.

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Neither my back nor knees are very flexible, so I lift slightly and bend slightly, always holding onto a rail I had installed a few years ago.

Love @ragingloli‘s answer! I’m gonna try it.

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I am so happy and proud that I can still bend that I bend over!

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I ride piggy back on our butler, just because I can.

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I sit down.

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My shower has a bench, and I will put a leg on it to wash it, or sit on the bench if my back hurts.

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To quote from a response about a completely unrelated topic in another thread… “I have staff for that.”

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So now we have loli’s identity boiled down to either Barbie or Ken.

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or maybe i am just a double amputee with prosthetic legs.

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Wash my legs? In a shower, I just turn around so the water lands and runs down my legs enough. My legs don’t really seem to get dirty enough to require any more attention than that.

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I usually ride supine on top of my car at the wash, and then rollover after my front side is clean.

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Yes, @Brian1946, but the giant brush loofah after the suds takes off 64 layers of skin. It hurts.
A lot…

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Just out of the shower, where I thought of this question.

I’m 55 and I realized I was standing on one leg (flamingo style) holding my foot with one hand and cleaning between my toes with the other.
No bending or steadying myself with something yet required.

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