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Has anyone ever run fully clothed under a shower that was on because a fire alarm went off and they thought it the only safe place to be?

Asked by rebbel (32015points) 3 weeks ago

As asked.

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No but surprisingly firefighters have found dead people who laid in the bathtub full of water only to be boiled by the intense 5000F heat.

This tactic doesn’t work as a safety measure.

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I wonder if any of those ^^ ever received a Darwin Award.

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@Jeruba, right? They had time to fill a tub with water but didn’t have time to get out of the house. Smh.

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Time doesn’t have to be the deciding factor in such a situation.

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In the famous words of Amityville Horror, GET OUT!

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A roommate called me at work whilst sitting in the tub with my cat. The local tornado alarm was activated when she was home. That’s as closest as can give you.

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