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How many days can you go without showering?

Asked by tinyfaery (44084points) September 21st, 2008

Things to consider: camping, being sick, hot vs. cold weather, whatever…

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While camping I went 5 or 6 days. Admitedly it was a typical UK summer so rained almost constantly.

Good advice – merino wool base layer (t-shirt, pants and socks) doesn’t really smell that bad even after repeated use.

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Eh, I usually only got 2 days max. I don’t like to shower and deal with my hair or anything on my days off if I’m just gonna be lounging about my house. If I got out, I’ll shower. But on my time, it’s my business.

The maximum I ever went was 8 days when the water went out for our entire area. We would have had to drive 2.5 hours to take a shower. No thanks. I’ll stay funky.

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The only time I’ve gone for an extended period of time was when I was in the hospital and the days that came after. I think that might’ve been a week.

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Oh, indefinitely, but how you will feel and how far you have to keep yourself from others. Those are soem great questions to consider.

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Depends on what I’ve been up to.

If I’ve just been chillin’ at home, I might be able to go for longer.
But if I’ve been working in the smithy…like 1/2 a day max?

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About 18 hours. I’m a mailman. Believe me, you don’t want me to go longer than that. I shower frequently.
Thank God, no water meters in Sacramento!

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If I had to go to work and couldn’t shower before I went, I’d call in.

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I was released from the hospital to my mom’s house because she was my only family member who didn’t work. I was just able to walk with a cane and had not been up stairs alone when I was released but it didn’t occur to me there was only a powder room on the first floor. So it was 6 days before they could pack me up and get me to my sister’s house 30 miles away. Six days of 90+ temps and sponge baths every couple of hours ARGHH!

After that I was relentless about going home and though I was supposed to convelesce for a few months, I was home in 10 days.

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I can’t go more than about 20 hours. Sometimes I take two or even three a day. I can’t stand feeling unclean. Even when I’m sick.

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9 months

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Dear lord, Windex. Well, I suppose being Windex you’re pretty clean already.

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You mean in your mother’s womb?
That’s like a 9-month-long bath in amniotic fluids, dude.
That’s why they come out like bloody raisins.

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oh…I knew that…

note to self, Google pregnancy

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umm….four days. I was pretty ripe. I did do a ‘whore’s bath’ tho (pits and privates).

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I have to shower immediately after getting home from work. No telling what kinds of cooties have come home with me from the jail!
I usually don’t shower on my day off, since I’m clean from the previous evening (unless I “got lucky”... woo hoo!)

@deaddolly.. whore’s bath… you give them way too much credit! ;-)

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@ divalicious lol…it was a phrase I got from a male friend; I never questioned it! lmao

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The longest I’ve gone was 4 days on a roadtrip from Seattle to San Fran and back.
It was not voluntary and it was nastyyy…

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@deaddolly: I call that a “birdie bath” which I think is the same thing but a much more G-rated version.

I prefer to shower daily. When I oversleep and have to jet to work I start getting all antsy around 5, daydreaming about cleanliness. But I think the last I went recently was maybe 3 days after I crashed on my bike and had two huge scabs on my back so I couldn’t shower. I called in sick that Monday.

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Well, I think there should be a distinction between how many days can you go without showering and how many days should you go without showering because, to me at least, those are two different numbers.

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