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Is Diablo III going to be best game EVAR?

Asked by btko (2816points) July 24th, 2008

I am leaning towards “Yes”

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I’m thinking I would still rather play the Bungie Myth games, or a Roguelike, personally.

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Myth hmm I think I played a demo of that way back in the day..

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yes best game. It’s my favorite series from blizzard.

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Better than Diablo 2? Sure. Downside: Still on… if you think Gold bots are bad on wow, play a game of D2X right now.

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They are talking about reworks to… guess we’ll see. I’m more into the single player or lan play… so I haven’t done much play.

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I really don’t know. Everyone that worked for the original game now work at Flaggship, and loath Blizzard. But on the other side, Blizzard as been loading up on millions of dollors a month from WoW. I figure they don’t use that money to make WoW better, just their own lives, but some of it has to go back into the company right?

So in my option, ether it is never going to get finished, or it will be done way to soon with way too little features. Ether way, I will still try it and hope that it is just as awesome as the second.

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It does seem that blizzard quality is going down a bit – I will hold off judgement until I play StarCraft 2 and Diablo 3 though :)

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I agree with btko. I have been surprised before! I have learned in the past years that if you love a game, you should only learn when the release date is… that way you won’t be expecting something that turns out to be nothing like what you wanted. That happened to me with SPORE, but I still love that game, so thankfully I didn’t kill myself with that game.

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I didn’t realize Spore was out… Starcraft was kind of shallow for an RTS. Even Warcraft 3 was kind of lacking… plenty of superior franchises out there in the RTS world.

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Just the creature creator is out, the full fledged game is out in September. You thought Starcraft was kind of shallow? I agree with Warcraft 3.. there isn’t much there. But Starcraft is one of the best I think.

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Do you still say yes? I think it’s a great game but I know a lot of people were let down with it after launch. Did you get the CE?

I had an early review on the day of launch but I don’t really play now.

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