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Can I work as a life coach to pay for my bachelor's degree in psychology?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (18835points) January 11th, 2016

In occinfo the title of life coach doesn’t have any prerequisites or licensing requirements in Alberta. What should I know before calling myself a life coach?

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My approach would be to initially check myself out of the asylum.
You can skip that point.
Research what skills on-line.
Keep in mind, what sort of background do you have in successfully navagating this type of area?
What contacts do you have to facilitate a person’s success?
A contract that is binding – you don’t intend to have bad things happen, but a legal document as an agreement might help.Via lawyer.
What will you do if a client is not able to be ‘helped’. If they have more-serious problems than you should even attempt to address?
Will you have a prospectus to give to an interested party?
Goals, plans, benchmarks, date planners, etc. for them to follow?
Do you need to register with anyone- are you positive?
A good idea might be to find a person or two in the business and talk to them face to face.
Research online – pros/cons.
Payments? Receipts? Taxes? Listings?
Bookstore- texts on listening skills/ problem solving. If you can spot the needed info- type printings.
Payments? No show fees? Office/room in house for tax write offs?
Just a few ideas.
Go for it- you might love it!
Good for you!

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Bigger question, why psychology?

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@ARE_you_kidding_me And philosophy. I’m interested in learning about the weird and wonderful. I’m interested in parapsychology. I would take classes from Athabasca university and they have some good selections of psychology classes.

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I honestly would not pay a university to learn that, I’d hit the library. If you pay for education strongly consider what you will get out of it in the end

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To be a “Life Coach” you have to be a good sales person and convince people that your life is working so well that you have the secrets to helping others run their life as well as you do. If you think you can convince enough people that your wisdom is worth following and they are willing to give you lots of money for it there is no reason why you couldn’t.

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A life coach should be rich.

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@Judi nailed it. Here is a site from a life coaching company that tells what they do. You need to exude enough charisma and self-confidence that people will be willing to put their lives in your hands. As for the actual coaching, the trick, as far as I can tell, is to get people to do what they already want to do but are reluctant to try.

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Life coach has to be a “motivational” speaker first, should have a proven track record of helping clients. They also need to go out to the clients or have an office they can visit (your room at the group home wouldn’t work).

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@Tropical_Willie I might try answering questions from YouTube for money or get a 1–900 number.

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Well like any hustler, to be a life coach, you need to be a good bullshit artist first and foremost.

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I am a HR manager on my way to establish myself as a life coach and/or a business coach. Since I’ve embarked on this journey, I have to admit that I’ve learned more in the last three months of training than I did through years of college.

@RedDeerGuy1 I strongly recommend you to read this article if you are serious about becoming a coach. Ajit Nawlakha is one of my favorite business coaches, he is a great teacher and an amazing business coach, and if you subscribe on that blog I shared, you will get actual, actionable advice from established professional coaches, for free, on a monthly basis.
Wish you luck! I’m always excited to meet fellow life coaches :)

@Tropical_Willie not necessarily, becoming a virtual life coach is also an option and actually a very economical business model :)
@Darth_Algar that was uncalled for.

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Just read this related article about life coaches being sued. Apparently there are a lot of scammers out there

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There are a lot of scammers within every profession. I just find out that a nurse in my local hospital was charged for abusing patients while they were under the influence of anesthetics. It doesn’t mean that I’ll stop going to the doctors office.

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Tell you what – set up a licensing and regulatory association for life coaches to weed out the quacks and scammers (you know, the way the medical professions have) and I’ll start to consider that there’s more to life coaches than scammers and bullshit artists.

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