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How much are your local gas prices?

Asked by DrasticDreamer (23983points) January 19th, 2016

Average in Portland is about $2.20, which is lower than it has been for quite a while. How much is it in your neck of the woods?

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West Virginia is at 1.79.

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About a buck fifty

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Around $1.79 – $1.89.

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2.499 at most of the regular name brand places here in the San Francisco Bay Area, which usually has the highest in the country. But Saturday night I paid 2.259 at an Arco in Berkeley.

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Not very many answers so far, but clearly the West doesn’t have it as good as other places.

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$2.20 in my Chicago neighborhood.

I paid about $1.80 in nearby Wisconsin and Michigan traveling for the recent holidays.

The big difference is unusual.

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Suburban Atlanta, near me $1.71 unleaded.

About three miles away, $1.67

About 20 minutes away, $1.59

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$1.82 in Tampa a couple of days ago.

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$1.72 here in rural western Illinois.

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$1.72 to 1.85.
Eastern North Carolina

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Redding, California area $2.89

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99.8 a liter here in B.C

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2.359 for regular at the South San Francisco Costco as of 1/18/16

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Southern CA today, the lowest I saw was $2.59.

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$1.60-something in my Austin neighborhood.

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“Gas”… Hee-Hee

Average fuel price over here in englandtown (North East) £1:02

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AU$1.12 per litre. So about AU$4.23 or US$2.90 per gallon.

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About 2 bucks a gallon. Give or take 5 cents, SW part of CT/SE part of NY state.

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@ucme Midlands – I’ve seen it at £0.997 in Tesco. Thought it was cheaper up north. :-P

I just looked this up. There are 0.26 us gallons in a litre and $1.42 to the £.
That’s $5.46 we pay in the UK per US gallon. More if you are @ucme. Yikes. Cheaper across the pond…

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@Stinley Yes, it’s always been much cheaper in the US and we still bitch about it. The gas tax should be raised to fund alternate energies.

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@Stinley – I never understood why the UK had such high prices for petroleum, given that you had all that North Sea oil.

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@elbanditoroso Apparently we are a net importer as we use more than we produce. Don’t think it was any cheaper when we were a net exporter though.

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All of Europe is higher than us.

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Let’s be honest: many people in the US commute the entire length of some European countries every day. There’s a reason for the bulk discount.

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@Seek lol. I commute the length of Luxembourg (50 miles). Why can’t I get a discount??

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Is that all? Hubby did 143 miles yesterday. That wasn’t even a big day.

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@Stinley Eeh, by eck but it’s reet grim up north!
I can afford it & besides, comes out of the chauffeur’s fuel allowance :D

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$1.57 today.

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Here is a price map (by Gasbuddy). for the US. It is updated continuously.

We pay about $2.00/gallon here in Western NY.

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You may be paying a lot less for your gasoline, but if you’ve got stocks or a 401K—or heaven forbid, a job tied to the oil business—there’s nothing to celebrate this week.

Every silver cloud has a dark lining.

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@Pachy My father has been working out of state for years, for one of America’s largest oil companies (piping engineer) and they had to send him home. He’ll be back at the end of this month. He didn’t lose his job, but he’s taking a pretty big pay cut.

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Down 6 cents since yesterday at the corner station. Just drove by – now $1.65

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DrasticDreamer I’m sorry to hear that.

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The Saudis can afford to keep pumping until all the competition goes out of business. They are engaging in economic war and the American public is acting like sheep enjoying the low prices. I hope everyone is socking away all the money we are saving. We will need it when they swing the price in the opposite direction.

If we were smart and had a unified political front we’d impose a tax (~$1.00 per gallon) on gasoline to bump up the price and use the funds for alternative energy projects or infrastructure repairs.

Tens of thousands of workers are being laid off and we, the fortunate ones still working, are paying their unemployment and other benefits. Meanwhile the Saudis keep pumping.
It is estimated they can keep it up for 2 more years before bankrupting themselves.

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Gas is about $2.10 or so here on average. Prices in the Bay Area are always high, but that is low considering it was over $4.00 not too long ago.

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East of Denver here…Prices are hovering around $1.60/gal. We filled up earlier this evening, used our supermarket discount card, got a 40 cent per gallon discount! We ended up paying $1.189/gal!

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Update – - – February 1 , 2016
High test ((93 Octane) $2.099 per gallon. Eastern North Carolina.

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