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So, how white are your pearly whites?

Asked by msh (4262points) January 21st, 2016 from iPhone

“Why Grandmother! What white teeth you have!” Question asked by Red Riding Hood’s sister; Stella.
Stella Walking Hood. (Odd family.)

•Do you whiten/bleach your teeth?
•Paste or strips?
•Do you Smoke?
•Long-term studies have not been available for studies on how this effects teeth and tooth enamel over long periods of time.
***Once gone, enamel cannot be replaced.***
•Are you pleased with the results?
•Or would such items never pass between those lips of yours?
(Tsk, bleaching items! What were you thinking I meant?)

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Pretty white for 55 with no enhancing treatments.

The bitch is that I’m going to lose one of my 2 front teeth within the week.
I have an appointment next week to see about bridgework to replace it.

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I drink too much tea for white teeth, and am too scared of bleaching to do anything substantial about it. But I’m also scared of cavities, so at least I brush and floss regularly… I like to think my teeth are a casual, pale beige?

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Mine are pretty good for being over 55. I’m definitely in the top 10 to 20%. I’ve never smoked and generally brush after every meal. About a year or 2 ago I learned from someone here to leave the toothpaste on and not rinse completely after I brush. That lets it work.
I tried white strips a few times and didn’t see any difference. Now I use Colgate Optic White Platinum and brush with my electric toothbrush in the shower. I brush and let it all foam in my mouth while I am shampooing and washing. I do a rinse and spit while rinsing off and rebrush. I let that cook until I finish toweling off.

I don’t know if all that fluoride is doing any harm but I have noticed I’m growing a second pair of gonads out of my navel. Do you think that’s related?

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^Pics please.

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^ Of the teeth, or the ‘nads?

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I was given tetracycline as an infant. My teeth are gray. There are new treatments for this, which weren’t available until recently. I will explore these and use one.

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@ibstubro – Aw, man! I am sorry you have to go through that.
@LuckyGuy – oh, dude…. didn’t you see the movie Alien?
Jeeze. And at the correct same spot too…
Let’s see… I believe a poultice of bacon grease, goat’s head cheese right eye socket, pine nuts gathered by Eulle Gibbons by the light of a waxing moon in the Aleutian Islands. A tick off the belly of goat that faints when startled. (the goat, not the tick) Stir it together with Ricotta cheese and plaster that on. Leave on one week and six and one half hours anddd…Presto. Smooth as a eunuch in no time. Genitals be gone!
Oh, now if they have teeth, it’s a different story. Have you ever had a body wax? You’ll need baby earwigs also…

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@luckyguy ‘nads of course.

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My teeth are fine for the most part, but in a couple spots, they’re actually too white due to dental fluorosis; thanks a lot, childhood fluoride (you can actually kinda see the discoloration in my profile pic—right along the bottoms of my top front teeth).

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@msh If the Neo-Nads have teeth I can assure you they would be Optic White.
A certain chemist Jellie here makes soap and other hygiene products. Maybe I can slather some slippery salve on the suckers and have them slide off.

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My teeth aren’t brilliant white. They are a normal creamy white colour. I don’t use teeth whitener. I did go through a phase where I was drinking really strong tea and my teeth became stained. So I brushed them with some baking powder for a few days. Worked perfectly to get rid of the staining.

As @Hawaii_Jake suggested, some people are born with teeth that are naturally not white (for various reasons). I’m not sure that any level of whitening would make a difference to those people’s teeth.

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I always fear the outcome down the line with all of these glow-in-the-dark teeth. It is creepy looking also. An acquaintance of mine is not able to stop this practice, and even does it to their little ones. Hollywood perfection in a box -overkill.

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My son’s best friend was treated with tetracycline as a small child when he was in Poland. He is 11 and is teased all the time because of his teeth by kids who grew up with free and excellent medical and dental care.

I hate my teeth. Coffee and red wine has taken a toll. For adults here in Norway, dentists are not free, so I haven’t seen one since I got here. When I was married, there was never any money for it, and now, I keep telling myself I could afford it and go, but I’m worried something is going to happen and I’ll end up feeling it was a waste of money and regret spending the money on myself. I have severe gum recession on four of my upper teeth, with root exposure, so it is going to require very expensive CT grafts and laser shaping. I’m an ugly old hag that only loads of money could fix.

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I used to drink coffee, caf and decaf, at least 4 times a day and would let it sit for a I could sip when needed. That allowed it to sit in my mouth as well. I simply changed my coffee habit. I don’t need to be slurping it all the time. I don’t live in a desert. Now I have a coffee when I want it and I finish it relatively quickly. Then I brush my teeth – no urge to snack. .
Brushing feels refreshing, has likely helped reduce cavities and oral diseases, and in the long run makes my teeth look whiter.

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What a colossal waste of money…nope wouldn’t wear it-think people who do are just posturing….which in the realm of life is a worthless timewaster…..

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@Jaheen100 What’s wrong with liking your teeth to be white? Not a thing.
I had dental trays made like 10 years ago and love having white teeth. it makes ME feel good and has nothing to do with “posturing.” A shiny beak looks nice on a bird. lol

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