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If you could have just one "do-over", what would it be?

Asked by happiNESS (138points) July 24th, 2008
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Man, that’s tough, I might need to buy some extra do-overs. Can I go back and purchase some stock in Microsoft?

Really, a good question. I may have to think on this one.

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I’d say my do-over would particularly involve spending more time with a friend who’s life has pretty much fallen apart. Can that count as just one? I thought about this, and even though there are a number of messed up things I’ve done in my life that I wish I hadn’t, I think every new sunrise presents me with a chance for redemption. So, I figured, if I really could redo something in my life, why not spend it working on saving someone else’s since mine hasn’t gone completely down the drain, at least no yet. But then again, what I just wrote is probably wishfully more honest than I really am.

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Alway wished I had said “yes” in 7th grade when a school friend asked me if I was gay. If I’d had the balls to face that part of myself at that point in my life I would now have healthier relationships. Instead I let religious misconceptions trap me in senseless shame and self-loathing for many years. I knew I was gay then, no question. Fear kept me from answering honestly. I’ve always regretted that.


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I don’t think I’ve messed up badly enough to warrant going back and doing something over. I’ve had some bad things done to me but in truth, I learned from them and now I don’t really care that they happened. I even thought I went to the wrong college but I eventually met the girl of my dreams at that college. So, the way I see it everything happenes how it’s going to happen, I wouldn’t really want to change anything.

But if we’re talking monetary decisions, then yeah I’d like to put all my money in Google when it went public or something like that.

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I sincerely wish I’d used birth control when I was a teenager…then I wouldn’t have been faced with the most difficult choice of my life…abortion. It’s haunted me for 25 years now. Barring the prevention of the pregnancy in the first place…I wish I’d had the baby and put it up for adoption…I’d probably still be haunted, but that child would be alive.

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No, not really. I know I could have done things better. I wish I was more fearless, but I am who I am today because of my experiences. If, by my actions, I have inadvertently hurt people, I regret that.

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Saying yes to overtime!

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Not taking on a certain romantic invitation, long ago. Seems like my whole life would have unfolded differently, no matter whether it worked out or not.

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hmm. my do over would probably be quite a long one. i found out i had scoliosis whe i was like 9 years old, and i was told to wear a back brace every night so that while i grew my spine would straigten itself out a bit. i rarely wore it just because it was uncomfortable. i didn’t know how big of a responsibility that was. now i’m done growing, and the only way i could help my spine at all would to have surgery. and that would still be pretty crappy.

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I wouldn’t have married my first wife if I had the chance to do it all over again.

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I wouldn’t have starred in so many porn films.

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