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What is the true purpose/reason to have the Meta section here?

Asked by Cruiser (40421points) January 30th, 2016

Is it a place for narcissistic Jellies to flaunt their random thoughts or is it a padded room for Jellies to bounce off the walls and blow off steam?

I offer this absolute Jem as the inspiration for my question.

Do you have a Meta fav you care to share?

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The questions would all fit in General or Social I suppose but I can’t see the harm in a special section. I dislike the questions about the future demise of Fluther and avoid them. I like the parties because they help build the community.

I really want to know what @Judi’s toilet is like after reading the linked question

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The Meta section is to keep insider-y Fluther business out of the main threads.

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@Stinley I know! There are a slew of “I want to know more” in that thread!

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Maybe none whatsoever, it is a wonder there is any “General” section since things as insightful or deep are rarely asked here.

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In-house matters and internal affairs. The General and Social sections are for topics that concern the world at large, but Meta is the bulletin board for All Things Fluther.

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hook-up threads and cybering

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It’s where we come to leave coded messages about the coming insurrection.

The narwhal gathers no seaweed.

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@dappled_leaves If you have picked up on anything about an impending Zombie Apocalypse you have to share…just sayin

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Where else are we going to masturbate?

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I think of the Meta section as the Fluther bulletin board.

@Cruiser: The best thing about an old thread like that is seeing and remembering all the Jellies that have left us!

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@Hawaii_Jake Oy! I just had to wipe down my computer at the thought. :-)

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I take the meta section to be our forum on internal affairs, and it’s clear from the questions that show up here that the great majority of us fully appreciate this. All 3 divisions serve as platforms for “narcissistic jellies” and “padded room” enthusiasts.

The included example is an interesting criticism and since it is about the nature of our membership, right where it belongs. The legitimacy of the assertions in the question are open to debate, but objectively, I will defend the case that those who harbor conservative sentiments are likely to be called to task in defending those notions here. I have no idea why fluther is such a draw for those with liberal leanings, nor why there seems no literate consetvative equivalent. Go figure.

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@stanleybmanly I am far from clueless and make no apologies for my conservative values…but for the life of me I am struggling to see where my question or any subsequent other answers invited an answer such as yours that would justify dragging politics into this thread?

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I took your “absolute jem” to be a complaint about the political leanings of the participants here. I should have been more specific when referring to ” the question”. I didn’t mean your question but the example you linked.

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Thanks for clarifying your perspective on this. @stanleybmanly. I myself was merely waxing nostalgic for the absolute jems of old that only a scant few remaining Jellies can best appreciate.

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Meta to me is mostly about throwing lurve parties! haha
Of course it is designed to ask any questions pertaining to the site itself.
I don’t think I have ever posted a meta question and rarely look here.

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