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Can a couple who has gotten divorced get remarried?

Asked by AnkitaJain (4points) February 6th, 2016

Is it fine to get married again after having divorce from husband?

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Of course they can get remarried.

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Yes, it is perfectly fine to do so.

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People do it all the time, some, many times (Elizabeth Taylor is the first one that comes to mind – married 8 times).

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I think you may be looking at this from a religious stand point, and I know a few religions really frown on it,but from a legal stand point it’s perfectly legal.

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Yes, but from a social standpoint – if they divorced once, why would they want to remarry? Are the fundamental problems that broke them up in the first placed – have they been addressed?

If not, then the second marriage will fail, as well.

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There’s no law against it.

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Yes, but….depending on your culture there may or may not be stigmas involved. In America people often marry multiple times, 3, 4, 5, on occasion. 2 marriages is very common.

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You can repeat the process indefinitely in most first world countries and the majority of the others as well.

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Yes. And apparently it’s getting more common.

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Do you mean can a couple who were married to each other and divorce remarry? If you do, yes. They can remarry each other or marry a different person after divorce.

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Of course. Liz Taylor and Richard Burton come immediately to mind (check out the movie Cleopatra (1963) and you will see these two stars, if you don’t know who they are).

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Yes, the same couple can get remarried to each other. There are no laws against it.

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Yes I have heard of it.

Sometimes people when young have wrong expectations when it comes to marriage and therefore get divorced.

As they age they realise they were being shallow and childish at the time and go for it a second time.

Sometimes though it is too late as the other person may have met someone else.

My father’s ex-wife is still in love with my father , although she was the one that left him. When I speak to her it is clear that she regrets she didn’t try to work things out. OR maybe she just feels lonely in her old age….

Sometimes when you are young you think your youth will last forever and that the grass is greener on the other side , so you don’t think through life changing decisions like divorce.

So yes you can.

Legally there is nothing to stop it and even in the church you can because biblically speaking the person you marry is your wife forever regardless of whether you get divorced or not.

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