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Do you think there could have been a better choice for Super Bowl 50 Halftime show other than Coldplay?

Asked by jca (36062points) February 8th, 2016

I didn’t see Super Bowl and I have not yet seen the halftime show (will watch later on YouTube).

All over FB, some were saying it was a great show, some were saying it sucked, some were saying it was like Coldplay opened for Beyonce (haha). On one radio station today, they said they found it hard to believe Coldplay was what was chosen to be the halftime act for Super Bowl 50. They said they thought there could have been a better choice but it was a safe bet to pick for the show. One other view was that some people don’t watch any football all year (me, for example), and the only football they’ll watch will be the Super Bowl. I’m not a big Coldplay fan but I’m not a big Super Bowl fan, either.

Do you think of all the acts available, Coldplay was the best choice?

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Didn’t Beyonce do it last year? I didn’t watch either one, but I was under the impression that did something different every year. Why’s she so special?

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@Seek: I just googled it to see who did it last year, and it was Katy Perry, Missy Elliott and Lenny Kravitz.

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I would have chosen a bigger name. Perhaps Elton John, Billy Joel.
I was really disappointed in the show. Apparently BeyoncĂ© and Coldplay thought that jumping up and down would come off as dancing. The lead singer in Coldplay seemed like he was afraid to touch BeyoncĂ© or wanted to and knew he shouldn’t. He put his arm around her and took it off immediately at least 5 times.
This is just my opinion. Others may have loved the show.

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Maroon 5.

^^That was sarcasm.

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In past half time shows, they have featured The Who, The Rolling Stones, and other great rock bands, though it was years after they were musically significant. Last year’s use of Katy Perry, Missy Elliott, and Lenny Kravitz featured current music stars that many football fans never heard of. It’s hard to walk that thin line.
I thought yesterday’s show was fine. Not the big 50th extravaganza you might imagine, but something fans would appreciate.

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I liked Coldplay’s opening selection, but perhaps I would have liked Adele more.

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I thought it was shabby, less than adequate, and could have been replaced by American Idol first round contestants.
It was the most disappointing halftime show I have seen. They should have brought in some college marching bands instead.
Compared to that sad showing, I would have preferred fifth graders performing magic tricks.

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I missed that. It must have been snack retrieval time. I will have to go check my recording.

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And what’s even better is that the stupid Stanfurd band was nowhere to be seen. They were probably sulking in their smelly farm sucking rotten eggs.

Did I say “Go Bears!” yet? :-)

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It’s a half time show, not a performance to stand on its own. And Coldplay was fine given the audience.

If it were me, I would have had Imagine Dragons and the Lumineers. But not a lot of people would have enjoyed that.

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