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Have you ever seen the documentaries "Autopsy: The Last Hours of ____?"?

Asked by jca (35989points) February 14th, 2016

On cable, there is a series called “Autopsy” and each one is about a celebrity who died and it goes over their autopsy results, and their lives, lifestyle and their last days activities. They have a forensic pathologist discussing their medical issues and medications, and they have actors acting out scenes. They talk about what the person’s life was like growing up, trauma, upbringing, whatever.

Each one has the celebrity’s name in the title, so “Autopsy: The Last Hours of Jim Morrison,” “Autopsy: The Last Hours of Robin Williams,” etc.

I’m not really a celeb watcher, but these are pretty interesting. I’ve seen a bunch: Whitney Houston, Anna Nicole Smith, Marilyn Monroe, Robin Williams, the guy from INXS (forgot his name), Elvin Presley, Britney Murphy, a couple more.

They talk about the medications the person was on, their health issues, all kinds of stuff. Pretty interesting and revealing.

Have you ever seen them?

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I watched the Elvis, Michael Jackson, and Karen Carpenter ones. Pretty cheesy stuff. Some information I didn’t know, but nothing that changed my mind about them.

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The Michael Jackson one I found interesting because it talked about the three different doses of sleeping meds/anesthesia that he got, and why. The Elvis one was interesting because they said he was severely constipated, and how that affected his cause of death. I don’t think I saw the Karen Carpenter one.

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I saw the Elvis one. I found it pretty interesting where they showed the hours leading up to his death.

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Never seen that show but while not a celebrity follower myself I do enjoy true crime and medical type shows. Infact, last night I watched a little docudrama about the doctor that tried to save John Lennons life after he was shot. He actually opened up Lennons chest and was holding his heart in his hand massaging it but due to a severed aorta it was a lost cause. So sad.
I am not a squeamish type, wanted to be a veterinarian once upon a time and also saw a real autopsy once in a biology class.

It was fascinating!
Vomit grosses me out to the 10th power but I can handle gore no problem.

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Yes; I watch most of them. I’m quite impressed with the pathologist. The Michael Jackson one was my favorite followed by the Natalie Wood segment.

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Which cable channel is this program in? Id like to check it out.

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@Buttonstc: Reelz. Check your “guide” on the TV if you have one.

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I can’t imagine that I’d ever watch.
I’m not a celebrity/voyeur type and I can’t imagine the information learned improving my life.

I would watch the occasional true crime show if I had TV. Probably not the medical. The last one of those I watched (don’t ask me why) was many, many years ago and it was about breast reduction. I sort of thought, “how bad could it be?

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