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Are there any round the clock cafe/restaurants left where you live?

Asked by stanleybmanly (22380points) February 14th, 2016 from iPhone

Let’s exclude the chains like Denny’s and IHOP. Here in San Francisco we’re down to 3. The one that made perfect over easy eggs as well as perfect hash browns folded last month after some 40 years. The place had miraculously reasonable prices for this town (San Francisco)

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NY and the surrounding areas are the land of diners. Many diners are 24/7. I’m not out in the middle of the night so I’m not taking advantage of such places, but they’re around.

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In my section of Atlanta, the answer is no. The only 24-hour places are Waffle House (a southern phenomenon – see link. And they are on every corner, it seems.

There is a truckstop about 30 miles north that is open 24/7 and has a sit down restaurant, but it isn’t a place that I would consider an alternative.

I think there’s a old fashioned 24 hour diner somewhere way south of Atlanta, but I haven’t been there.

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We have the awful(waffle) house.

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There sure are! Especially along the freeway at the truck stops.

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Not that I am aware of, short of maybe a couple fast food joints like Junk-in-the-box or something. haha
When I was college age in San Diego there was a chain of all night mexican places ” Robertos, Humbertos, Adalbertos, etc. that were to die for. The Robertos was directly across the street from my funky apartment and many a night after an evening of partying hardy we would hit Robertos at 3 a.m. or so and gorge on their carne asada tacos, rolled tacos, burritos, etc.

Oh mama, the BEST little hole in the wall mexican places ever!

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Yes. There used to be a web page, but it’s degraded to a F***book page:

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Ha. Most close around dark here. There’s a restaurant down the coast that might stay open till about 10pm. Hell, the nearest police station, about ten miles away, is open only on Wednesdays between 12 and 4 pm. I’m pretty sure it’s been like this forever. Very laid back.

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Yes, there’s a restaurant called Jim’s only a few miles away from my house and open ‘round the clock that has wonderful service and ALWAYS makes the best poached eggs I ever ate.

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There are none in my area. I wonder why.

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Sure, we have lots.

Though, actually Moe’s is closing.

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Just the Tim Hortons and McDonald’s.

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We have tons of 24 hour places in Chicago. I have two favorites within a half mile of my apartment – Arturo’s Mexican restaurant and the Golden Nugget Pancake House which is like a Denny’s teleported in from 1965.

I don’t go out in the wee hours much any more, but I take comfort knowing I can if I want!

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Thanks to this question I went out for tacos today and now feel sick. lol
Back to my healthy zone tomorrow if I don’t die in my sleep from salt and fat intoxication. haha

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@Jaxk are you stranded in some conservative bastion? If so then it is indeed curious. Because as you well know, “the devil never sleeps”

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Surprisingly, yes. Everything made from scratch and only 2–3 miles away.

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Yes, Southern California has lots of them. Check out This List

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Main one here is The Roxy. Note our lord above the jukebox.

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The only businesses open 24/7 in western Illinois are some gas stations, McDonald’s and Walmart.

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The only one I can think of is Dupar’s, but my guess is that there are others here in the Los Angeles area.

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Where i luve right now i don’t think there are any very close by, but not too far I assume so. I just don’t know for sure if they are 24 hours, because I don’t need to go anywhere during the third shift usually. @jca is right that in her area in NY there are a lot of diners, and many parts of the northeast.

When I lived in MI there were many many 24 hour places. Grocery stores and restaurants. Probably living in a place that has a lot of manufacturing helps with that. Second shift people get off from work late, shop late, etc. there certainly are still Shoney’s, Perkins, and as you mentioned Denny’s and IHOP still all around the country, along with other local places. Especially along the interstates you can find 24 hour places for obvious reasons.

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We have a couple of popular truck stops and a couple of Denny’s type places – Village Inn and Country Kitchen.

As far as I know all the hash slinging joints are gone.

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Anyone remember Sambo’s? They were open 24 hours – sort of mix between Denny’s and Shoney’s, but one level down.

That chain crapped out in the 1990s.

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@elbanditoroso I do remember Sambo’s. And every time I would catch a glimpse of the big neon sign above the one on Lombard street, I would puzzle over how any outfit so named could possibly stand up to the civil rights movement.

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^^ I remember that one! It was on the windy, downhill part of Lombard. There were a couple in Sacramento, too. I remember the story in the menu; how Little Black Sambo got his clothes back and turned the tigers into Tiger Butter by running in circles. Tiger Butter. I loved that story. They were everywhere in California.

@ibstubro‘s link shows a 1957 Sambo that looks like a Caucasian with a light tan. This is far from the truth. The Sambo I remember was an extreme caricature of a “Negro,” with black skin, kinky hair, fat white lips, wide white eyes, and big feet. He was basically a cartoon version of a young Stepin’ Fetchit. That was what was on the menus in Sacto from ‘57 thru ‘64. I can see how that might be a bit insulting.

How could they possibly survive Civil Rights? Little Black Sambo isn’t black anymore. Nor is he African. He moved to India and changed skin colors. But, evidently, all records have been expunged.

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Yeah. You know I remember reading that Little Black Sambo was a story written by a British woman in the early 1900s. It was originally a story about a little boy in India who loved pancakes, but by the time the story made it to America, the illustrators had portrayed Sambo and his relatives as possessing every negative stereotype associated then with black Americans. The story by the time I was growing up was regarded as the epitome of tasteless racism, and if you wanted to insult a black man (and risk getting your ass kicked) you merely had to refer to him as Sambo.

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@stanleybmanly It’s really hard for me to picture a San Francisco with only 3 all-night diners. They were everywhere in the city back in the late ‘60s – 70s. They were part of the art and lit culture. We would close the Avalon, WInterland or the Filmore, then go down to Lombard, the Haight, or North Beach to eat in some all-night ma-and-pa joint, or there was always the all-night Doggie Diner on Van Ness (I think).

There was a place around the corner in the alley near Ferlinghetti’s Bookstore that was all-night, run by a Russian gypsy lady, she always had a bunch of stroganoff in a big pot—all you could eat for two bucks. I don’t even think the place had a name. There was an all-night hole-in-the-wall around the block from the Hungry Eye that served all you can eat spaghetti, garlic bread and minestroni soup for a dollar.

I don’t think the City would have had a Beat, Head, or much of a literary or art culture without those places, especially those in North Beach. The City was a haven for counter-culture and I don’t think counter cultures survive without all-night venues. Vanguard art, music and literature doesn’t happen between 9 and 5.

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I’ve since revised the list to 4. I remember those days of a multitude of all night restaurants as well. And North Beach was the place for hearty cheap food. Of course not a single place you’ve listed exists any longer. The 4 all nighters I’ve come up with are Sparky’s on Church st. Between Market & 15th st. Orphan Andy’s in the Castro on 17th at Market. Mel’s Diner which I think is separate from the local chain of 3 other Mel’s. Anyway the only one of the 4 that is open round the clock is the one on Lombard between Fillmore & Steiner. Last on my list is the Pinecrest restaurant at the corner of Geary & Mason. I walked out of that one last week around 4 AM a couple of weeks ago and noticed that the diner across the street ( a Johnny Rocket) was open for business.

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@stanleybmanly The Americans didn’t turn Little Black Sambo into a racist children’s story. The author originally wrote and illustrated it that way. Plenty of racists in the UK, too.

I worked in bookstores for many, many years, and older customers would request it frequently, having fond recollections of this “children’s classic” and wanting to give it to their grandchildren. The mind reels.

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@dappled leaves Thanks! So the characters other than the tigers weren’t originally portrayed as Indians? I wonder why I remember it that way? In any event, thanks for the enlightenment. The story was in our “My Book House” volumes when I was a kid, replete with illustrations. Do you know if the Little Golden Books managed to put out an edition?

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The original Little Black Sambo book, and story, and illustrations were not racist at all. Those allegations came later. The word black, in this context is not synonymous with people from Africa. In some parts of India, especially Tamil Indians in South India, the people are very dark skinned. The book is about a little boy who loves pancakes and how he outwits a pack of pancake hungry tigers. That’s all.

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Little Black Sambo was originally unrelated to Sambo’s restaurant.

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