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Why is social media so obsessed with sex, weed & booty?

Asked by skip2mylou (79points) February 28th, 2016

When ever I look through my Instagram and Facebook news feed all I see is posts about sex, weed, twerking and booty. Not judging anyone, everyone has the right to like what ever they want. Just wondering why people are so obsessed with theses things. I feel sometimes its all people think & care about.

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The media, as well as social media is obsessed with sex because sex without an official commitment is all about pleasuring one’s self, even to the point of putting one’s self on ”mushroom status”; keeping themselves in the dark and feeding themselves a healthy load of shit. That is one of the top components that even get men to want any relationship with women and vise verse, (those who bat for the same team, I would guess it is actually all about pleasure as well, though officially through the ”mushroom” it is seen as something different). The rub is that as obsessed as people is about sex, they do not want to see it fully, but enough to say ”hey, I am getting it”, and then only the type of sex they deem is OK, or normal when in reality, a world that is just the world, pretty much anything goes. In some other thread Trump was said to objectify women, women objectify themselves, and with the advent of the Web cam, digital cam, and cell phones, they can do it quite easily and in the privacy of their own bathroom, bedroom, and then some. Did anyone force those slew of women to make and place twerking videos or sexy and lingerie seflies on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram? I would bet my dollars to anyone’s donuts they did it themselves to have people see them as sexy and ”boinkable”.

As much as been said to improve the mind, to be smarter, etc. some people (going off the addiction rate, maybe many) want to anesthetize themselves from the world, and hide on Cloud Nine, even to the point of going through the ”mushroom” to swear they are not. What logic is there to take a perfectly working brain and consciousness and want to fog it over? That makes as much since as taking a highly precision fighting jet, watering down the fuel, Liquid nailing empty soup cans to the wings, then wrapping them in duct tape, smearing a thin coat of Vaseline over the canopy then going out and expecting to engage the enemy in full capability, maybe it makes as much sense as going for the gold in the 100m sprint wearing three layers of sweats that are soaking wet, wearing heavy steel-toes work boots, and donning a welder’s mask that has the visor scratched up and cemented shut so it cannot be raised. But…..people want to live in the ”mushroom”…...

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It’s your friends. Mine has very little weed, almost no booty, and what sex there is is mostly sex-positive stuff.

I have far more animals, humor, pictures, news articles, environmental stuff, historical stuff, game stuff, political stuff, spiritual stuff, and random other things from friends.

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Even disregarding background, people like showing off.

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The average person doesn’t have a lot, so when they get any thing they are proud of it. It takes a lot to even acquire your own sex weed and booty, let alone getting it and losing it.

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I, too, am shocked when I find people enjoying things they find pleasurable. Shocked, I say. ~

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You follow them. So you are making them think that is what the people want.

I see none of that stuff.

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~I’m shocked that that could possibly happen in any medium where the average, everyday person is creating the content instead of leaving all content creation to artists, editors and network executives.

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My feeds don’t have that. Mine have politics, cars, tech, photography, astronomy, cooking.
Unfollow them.

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We live in a drab, dreary, dry world and each of those are a means of escape. There’s nothing new here.

If people were happy and content with their lot in life, there would be less need for booth, drugs, and all that. But people live lives of quiet desperation, The only joy that get is in their means of escape.

Media is not the problem, it’s the desperation that is. Media just feeds the hungry.

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Cookies. That’s what cookies are for. This is about where you left your cookies.

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People have been obsessed with sex since the dawn of time. Social media is the 21st centtury modus operandi that allows us to broadcast it and other topics (many good, many vile) more openly, if often anonymously, than in the past.

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Be very careful of “friends” who post about sex, drug use and getting high.
They have no common sense and really can’t be trusted.

When you are out in the real world looking for a responsible job you don’t want that junk on your feed. Block or delete them now and start setting the bar higher.

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It would appear to me that your circle of friends are obsessed with sex, weed & booty. My FB newsfeed is obsessed with raising kids, work, recipes, music and Bald Eagles.

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Panders to the lowest common denominator.

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Social media is dominated by the young.
Young people tend to thing a lot about self gratification, i.e. sex.
Social media tends to be obsessed with sex.

Since sitcom couples were allowed to sleep in a double bed together, media has been so.

Weed obsession is probably from your personal choices on social media. Friends and likes and such.
It can be a gateway feed.
Try not to kick it up to booty and smack.

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It gets people’s attention.

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As I get older I’ve noticed that young people think they invented those subjects and need to spread the word. Silly.
Actually it was my generation that invented sex. I’m positive my parents never heard of it. I was conceived immaculately.~

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Social media sites feed back to you the things that you and your close friends look at. I don’t see any of those things on my newsfeeds, because I don’t go seeking them out, and neither do the people I’m close to. I’m guessing your age (i.e., your friends’ age) has a lot to do with it.

If you start tailoring your newsfeed to be closer to your own interests, then you will see fewer of those kinds of posts.

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@LuckyGuy It was also out generation that invented happy brownies. lol

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I have never seen a social media reference to twerking. Falls way outside of my demographic.

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I dropped FB in 2011, not missin’ a thing, watchin’ the full moon crossing the range….

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Good for you, @Coloma. I’ve done the same.

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@Coloma, as seems to happen so often, we’re on the same page. I terminated my Facebook account years ago, and I’ve never tried any other types of social media. I have better things to do than devote hours to hundreds of virtual friends; I’d rather spend that time seeing and experiencing life with real friends. I know that many people enjoy social media and disagree vehemently, but that’s my own take.

@skip2mylou Most of us tend to assume that we encounter mature, intelligent adults online. The truth is that many internet users are children. You might encounter posts about sex and drugs because you’re crossing paths with very young people. Even though they’ve likely never experienced either sex or drugs, they enjoy making-believe and showing-off.

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As everyone said, you are following the kind of people who think that stuff is super cool. I don’t see that on my page.

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@Pachy and @Love_my_doggie Yep, didn’t do anything for me and I had maybe 15–17 “friends”, all people I knew in real life in one capacity or another.
It just became so droll and I could care less about the daily updates on peoples grand kids or kitchen remodels, jesus mercy, have you nothing of true interest to ever talk about! haha
I love fluther because it is a cerebral social outlet minus all the boring, daily, routine crap of peoples FB status.

I mean WHO spends 30 minutes writing an epic novel about their grocery shopping trip and a blow by blow account of their every movement that day. Gah!

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Sex, drugs and rock and roll have always been a selling point in the mainstream.

We can thank the ancient Greek belief of the God Dionysus for the inspiration.

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Personally as long as I have the drugs I can do without the sex or the rock & roll.

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@Darth_Algar Lol fair enough. Each to their own I guess.

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Don’t forget cats.

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Honestly, are they still twerking?
I’m not even on social media and twerking seems tired to me. Like that dancing phase where they were all acting silly in groups?

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…..and people that tag like 500 of your photos. Gah!
That was the end for me, when an ex traveling companion tagged almost EVERY photo in my albums, intended to share with far away friends and relatives from a mutual trip to Asia and I woke up to like 100 emails in my inbox with the “your picture has been tagged!” header.
Really…WTF..did you not take enough of your own damn pictures you have to steal all of mine. lol

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