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What are the words you need to hear?

Asked by genevievejones (112points) July 26th, 2008

in the 1996 flick Beautiful girls, Uma Thurman’s character says, “You know there are fours words I need to hear before I go to sleep. Four little words. “Good night sweet girl.” That’s all it takes. I’m easy, I know, but a guy who can muster up those four words is a guy I want to stay with.” do you have four words like this? or five? or seven? what are they? i’m writing a piece on love… and i’m just so curious.

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Before I go to sleep, or just a time when I need to feel safe and loved?

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just the words that keep you coming back i guess… that remind you that you are loved

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When the rest of the world seems to be going crazy, but I question my own sanity: “It’s not you.

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My wife and I are very cheesy when it comes to stuff like this. Whenever one of us says “I love you” to the other, the other always counters back with “me to you”. Not very extravagant, its not even grammatically correct, but whenever I hear it it reminds me of the wonderful love that we share. We don’t have to say the words “I love you”, but the sentiment is there.

On a side note, we also have a gesture that we use with each other that means I love you. When we first got together she used to hand signal “I love you” by pointing to her eye, then her heart, and then to me. Now its this quick gesture. Its hard to describe, but I’ll try. With one finger pointed, we make a quick circle that rotates out, so we point to ourselves first then to the other person. This is done up close to the face. Sometimes we do it over and over many times, so it just becomes this small, rotating circle. Okay. I’ll stop now.

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When I touch my spouse at night as we drift off to sleep we are saying everything without uttering a word. It is all I need.

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I really like hearing “I’m sorry”. It sounds bad, but its true. People think I like hearing “You’re right”, but I don’t. I don’t like winning, I like helping.

I had a longer response, but I don’t want to drag on about my problems.

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When my boyfriend tells me I’m his “best friend” it just makes my heart melt. I feel like we are not only lovers, but best friends as well. I like hearing that…

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When I go away with the family, I always say goodbye to my fish, and then they say: well, actually they say nothing. :)

Whoops, wrong subject. Should read more…

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my boyfriend and I say “wbz” (Pronounced like “ribs” with a W)... started out that I said “wubz” and he thought it was cute so he would say it, and when we IMed from work he always forgot the “U” so it evolved to “wbz.” It’s a nice little sort of code so he doesn’t have to feel emasculated at the soccer shop where he works when he’s hanging up the phone with me.

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can also include words that have not been said to you yet but you always wished you would hear like “here, take my sweater,” or “you are lovelier that you even know…” (or less surface examples than what i have given)
like your bottom line words… these are what you need for love

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“Don’t worry, puppy dog boy.”

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“That’ll do, pig.”

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My husband says “Don’t worry Zambini, everything will be alright.” Kinda’ makes me feel taken care of and protected.

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“My little freak”. My wife says this to me when I’m doing something odd or atypical. I know its okay to be myself around her, and that she loves me no matter what.

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This is all just making me miss my g/f too much. We are separated by a few states for the time being. But on that note, here’s to love and lasting relationships, sounds like this is well represented here.

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I can’t live my life without you

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@JH—Eep, that would freak me out!

To answer the question: Sometimes when I let myself give in to self pity for a little while and I complain to my best friend about being pathetic or a failure or a freak, she just tells me, “Well, I like you anyway.” She doesn’t try to convince me not to feel the way I feel. She just reminds me that she loves me no matter what.

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@MacBean – now that’s a good friend :)

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Two sentences for me:
“I know how you feel” and “I still love you” (as a follow on from me being silly and irrational)

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“just lie down, this is your special night” or “just close your eyes and relax”

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“I love you J.M.”

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My husband saying he loves me. I have to hear it through out the day. We often call each other in the middle of the work day just to connect.

I always go to bed before my husband. I can’t fall asleep unless he tucks me in saying “Snug, snug, snug…” It’s silly but it’s something we always do.

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“There are more cookies downstairs”

Seriously, it’s not words; Just the sound of my wife and daughter snoring and I can sleep like a baby.

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at Macbean. U don’t know the girl this is coming from.

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@JH, does it not freak you out to think she would not stay alive without you around?

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@JH—It wouldn’t matter to me who it was coming from. That kind of dependence would freak me out. It’s why I never want kids and don’t even keep pets.

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Hiya loser! Stuff for you…

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A hug and the words “I love you and always will.”

But the hug is more important.

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“you did it again” My best friend everytime I do something impossible
“I’m so proud of you” My dad when I start my car to go to work
“be safe” my mom every day
“I’m gonna miss you” My g/f because she is leaving next week
“you are out of this world” some girl I’m trying to leave behind

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I appreciate us and you being in my life. I love you my Bestfriend.

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Everything good I’ve done I’ve done with you.

I melt when SO says this to me.

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I love to hear words of truth no matter the context: “You smell,” “that dress looks smashing on you,” “I like when you take up space around me,” It’s satisfying when someone is comfortable enough to speak their mind, about anything and everything.

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