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I want to buy a MacBook. Should I wait for the new line (if there is) in September or buy one now?

Asked by ohmyfluther (9points) July 27th, 2008

I want to buy a MacBook. Should I wait for the new line (if there is) in September or buy one now?

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Depends when you need it for – also, will it be annoying for you if it turns out the lineup is still the same in Sept?

Look at the specs available and decide if it’s what you want/need. When it comes to Apple products, I wouldn’t put off or hold my breath for potential updates, because you just don’t know when/if they come.

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If the MBP line changes I might go for that also.

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well, from what i’ve heard, the most direct apple source, it will be something no other brand has, something revolutionary, yeah….new macbooks, that’s what it’ll be

just get one, it’s not like you’ll miss out on something big if the new update comes out

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I always rely on this website for information on when to buy. They have been spot on for years:’s_Guide

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If you can wait, wait.

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I have been using that sight lately but i think I am going to wait because I am going to get look into the MBP instead of the MacBook.

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@cprevite that is an invalid link on my end. Use this

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Thanks. I am not sure If I should wait to get a MacBook Pro or not. This is tough. I don’t know. Any suggestions?

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get what you need, if you want me to tell you what to get, i suggest getting this , why ? that way you don’t have to worry about updates any time soon…

what i’m trying to say, it’s your choice, so don’t try getting others involved and just buy what you need

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I’d wait

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I’ll take one of those for sure, Cam.

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@iwamoto I think that ohmyfluther wants a laptop. Just a guess

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i think so too, i was being a smartass, hence why i went for a macpro instead of the maxed out macbookpro… but thanks for pointing it out to me, in case i suddenly turned into an idiot :)

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Just wanted to get it out there. And do you think he or she should wait?

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Personally, I would wait. Its pretty much only a month and if your current computer is fine and hasn’t just broken then it can wait a month.

I waited last year for the new macbooks for a month or two, which did mean that it wasn’t out of date in a month had I not waited. It was just out of date in three months instead when they updated them again at macworld, but that can’t be helped. Its always going to end up being out of date sooner or later but you might as well have it be out of date after the longest time (if that makes any sense).

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I bought an iPhone six months ago. I think you should wait.

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Wait if you don’t need the computer urgently. But with Apple, you’re never more then a few months away from some update or another that makes you wish you waited. You could end up waiting forever if you listen to the rumors.

That being said- it might be worth it for you to put off your purchase to satisfy your curiosity if you don’t have a urgent need for a new computer right now.

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Are you a student? If so, you’re eligible for the student discount and a $300 rebate on a new iPod. If you sell the iPod, you’re getting quite a big discount. There’s no telling whether the new laptops (assuming they release any) will be eligible for the iPod rebate. If a new laptop comes out, you could sell yours and buy a new one without paying anything more (assuming you put the $300 towards the new laptop). Just a thought. Macs generally have great resale value.

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Do not buy a MacBook Pro now! They contain the Nvidia 8600 which has been prone to failure, and the fix is to run the fan more aggressively, which is noisy and uses up batteries.

In one of the comments, a guy had is MBP fail 10 days after warranty expired. What bad timing.

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There has been much speculation about a complete redesign of the MacBook line; I stumbled upon an interesting article posted this morning that sheds a bit of light on that speculation:

As with anything, I take it with a grain of salt, but if you’re seriously researching timeframes and options, you may want to look into this one further.

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