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Do you tend to make things unnecessarily complicated?

Asked by SuperMouse (30845points) July 27th, 2008

My sister – a very pragmatic individual – seems to think that I make choices that make my life unnecessarily complicated. I prefer to think of it as following my heart. Do you tend to make choices that make things difficult, or do you make choices that will keep things on a more even keel?

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I’m afraid I am more like your sister. Truth is, folks I know who over complicate things (big and small) drive me batty. That being said, I can understand why some people agonize over things, over think them, or just plain blow them out of proportion. My wife is like that.

So I think the key is that you need someone in your life, like your sister, so you can balance each other out. She helps you clarify things and you can help her be less clinical when it’s appropriate to lead with your heart instead of your head.

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Yes, sometimes. In my case, it’s the legacy of a Southern mother.

I will come up with some elaborate scheme to achieve a certain end without hurting anyone, but getting what I want, and my husband will say, “Why don’t we just tell them X?” which is direct and the truth.

I then say, “Oh.”

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Generally speaking, no. I’m quite pragmatic. The only time I do, is decisions that pretty much only concern me personally – then I’m lost and get all neurotic.

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yes. everybody does to some extent.

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Yes. I am a Gemini six ways to Sunday, and I constantly debate both sides of choices up until the moment I actually have to pick a path and follow it.

@marina, that’s quite endearing. Makes me smile.

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I only make things complicated when I’m told to stall.

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Pragmatic sister here, and I don’t like drama. I look at my life, take what is good and build on that. If I am faced with a difficult decision, I look at the impact said decision is going to have on my family, and I go from there. I am not stuffy or a bore, but I just feel like life is what you make it. If you are constantly searching for something, you aren’t ever going to be fulfilled. If you’re constantly second guessing yourself, you aren’t ever going to be confident. Coming true to yourself means finding the goodness in what you are, what you can give to those who matter most, and what dreams you work to fulfill.

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@gimmedat: that’s an excellent outlook and 99% of the time I totally agree :)

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Unfortunately, I overcomplicate even the most straightforward things. Now, I am sad that you made me say that out loud :-(

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