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What is your idea of a perfect world?

Asked by NerdyKeith (5457points) April 2nd, 2016

Regardless to the likelihood of us having a “perfect” world or even an ideal world. What sort of world would you prefer to live in?

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This is going to sound horrible but I want a mattress made out of kittens.

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Sounds like boredom

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It wasn’t perfect but the world was better balanced before civilization began.

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alderaan after the death star

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No wars or killing and everyone having some kind of food and shelter would be the starting place.

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No pain, no suffering, all animals and people treated kindly.

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I just want a world that knows no “country”. That’s all I ask for.

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North Korea. Jk.
I could say a perfect world for me is where everyone is able to get their basic needs, but that’s just me growing in a third-world country speaking.
Honestly? I want a world that does not use money. Also no religion.

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No Trump or ISIS.

In that order.

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I wouldn’t have to work for a living. In fact, it says this very thing on my profile page:

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How does one define perfection? Freedom from want? Freedom from fear? Freedom to believe, think and speak aloud their beliefs? As it was for Franklin D. Roosevelt on January 6, 1941, for me it is all of these.

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This is a noble aspiration and a simple definition is to create an environment that is optimal to safely rear children and provide them with the tools which can enable them to pursue happiness and build a better world than our own, and so on, and so on, ad infinitum. You can’t go wrong with that definition. It describes a safe and nurturing place for everyone and encompasses all the positive social mechanism thus far invented by humans to reach this goal.

Basically, this is the spirit behind Israel Kamakawiwo’Ole’s version of this song.

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There is no “perfect world” because the “world” (that is, civilisation) is made of imperfect people.

I don’t think we need to make the perfect the enemy of the good. I like the idea behind @Espiritus_Corvus‘s answer.

My personal perfection would be to live in a place where people did not have to fear hunger or sickness for lack of resources to address those problems, and where those that wished for shelter would have it.

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House staff who work for nothing
Limitless humping & blowjobs done in the style of a Harold Lloyd sped up farce
All around you is real life & yet you are a Tex Avery toon character
Sport rules, but only if you have big enough balls & a fetching pair of shorts in lavender
Everyone shits Tiffany cufflinks, immediately ending global poverty

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The world of Musubi as in SMT.

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My grandmother would still be alive and in good condition.

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People actually getting along for starters. People understanding the right for others to be different. No pain, and no cancer. People actually helping those in need.

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