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Do you think Ted Cruz now has an unstoppable momentum and will overtake Trump?

Asked by jca (36043points) April 5th, 2016

Between the voters and the Republican party seeming to go against Trump, Cruz has been winning some major primaries lately.

Do you think he has an unstoppable momentum? Do you think he will overtake Trump?

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Won’t overtake. But 1237 looks a lot harder now. I expect a brokered convention and a lovely shitstorm. If Trump doesn’t get the nomination his supporters are going to feel like the system is totally rigged (which it is) and they might not vote. His voters are pretty hardcore.

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No. It’s a fight between a huge turd and a Holy Shit. None of the ” party elites” want either of them.

All this does is raise the probability of no one winning on the first ballot.

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It sounds like no matter who gets nominated at the Republican convention, there is almost sure to be a third party or independent run. As reported here, it could be either Trump or Cruz.

Not to brag, but I was talking about this a month ago!

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It’s all a sideshow to let Clinton continue to walk in unscathed.
If one starts to look at American politics through the lens that both parties are the same, the parties of corporate elites, one starts to see through the bs that is a two party system and how easy it is to manipulate, and also how easy it is to manipulate the public with this two party system.
Like George Carlin said, “it’s a big club and you and I ain’t in it.”

Do you really think Trump and Cruz will be upset if Clinton wins? They will continue to do just fine in this country(and others) if she wins.

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Also not to brag, but I predicted this debacle with Trump since at least November.

But you all can keep pretending that this political process is authentic.
How many votes did Bernie win by yesterday? How many delegates did he receive? Yup. Let’s keep focusing on Trump….

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Sure.~ Unstoppable momentum.~ Just like all of the previously unstoppable movements in history.~


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