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How to run an .exe program on mac?

Asked by Lost_World (1231points) July 28th, 2008

Ok, I have a R4 thing for the NDS and I need to patch a file called _DS_MENU.DAT using this patching thing (its called Patch.exe) but as I am on Mac I cant use exe files.

I have tried using Cross Over but it does nothing when I try to open the file. Do any of you know a way I can run the program (for free)???

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Not for free, unless you…do some unmentionables.

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Don’t you need a windows disk for that? Its a bit hard for me to get one where i am.

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Yeah, you’ll need an actual install of windows to run a .exe program.

VirtualBox is another option like Parallels but free. There’s also boot camp. Whatever you use to run windows, you’ll need an install disc, which obviously isn’t free.

I have no idea what an “R4 thing for the NDS” is but if it’s just a one-off and you’re not wanting to go to lengths to get windows running, maybe see if a friend or family member who has a windows machine can do it for you.

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The best way is to run Windows via Parallels or VM Ware and then opent he .exe file.

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Crossover does run standalone exe-files without installing Windows. It doesn’t run free though.

bittorent is your friend

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You either need something like bootcamp, vmware, parallels, or virtualbox. With that, you must put a windows “partition” in it. Then you can open the .exe. Also, virtualbox is the only free one.

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