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Im afraid of new people?

Asked by dopeguru (1917points) April 16th, 2016 from iPhone

I realized that lately I’ve grown to be scared of anyone new. Im too skeptical and terrified. I find myself having trouble even looking at their face if they are talking to me. I can’t carry on conversations and am not interested. Why is all this?

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@dopeguru I don’t mean to sound harsh but…you need to get yourself into some major therapy. Your poor choices in relationships, your phobias, none of us here are therapists but it is clear you need some help overcoming some of your issues. Forget about men, forget about meeting new people, ( I am assuming you mean men, if I am wrong, my apologies ) and make a commitment to yourself and your future well being.
You are not relationship material at this time, whether that is in a romantic sense or even seeking new friendships.

I truly wish you well but Fluther is not a mental health forum and many of us have already spent countless hours advising you. Find a qualified therapist.

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@Coloma I didn’t mean men, I meant people. Its not about “love”.
I’m already seeing someone!

But it’d be nice to know if anyone here is smart in this subject enough to predict a reason.

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We’re not.

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@dopeguru Really low self esteem would be my guess.

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@dopeguru ^^^ Get therapy ^^^ Looking for answers on a website about your psychlogical make-up is like asking how your lipstick looks without pictures or a mirror.

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It’s simple. You have major mental illness problems that you have not, or have refused to, deal with. You need help from a competent therapist.

We can keep saying that over and over and over, and you can keep asking questions about this same subject over and over and over again, but until you face the fact that you have major mental health problems that need to be addressed (acknowledged) and dealt with, we will just keep giving you the same answer, because it’s simple.

Here’s the answer again, in case you missed it: you have major mental illness problems.

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