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What is your opinion on people who marry themselves (i.e. a one person marriage)?

Asked by NerdyKeith (5464points) April 19th, 2016

Otherwise known as a “self-marriage” or sologamy. I’ve heard of this occurring sometimes.

But I always thought the basic defining of “marriage” is to join with another? I have clearly no issues with same sex marriages, opposite sex marriages or even polygamous marriages. But the idea of a one person marriage, gives me pause. I don’t really see the benefit of this.


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That doesn’t even make sense.

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I agree it makes no sense.

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Divorce would really be messy.

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Whatever tickles your pickle, I guess?

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I would want to know the reasoning for it. Is there a tax benefit or is it a protest of some kind? Until I know more, I have no need to form an opinion.

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I guess this might explain things.

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As the vicar sees you off on your honeymoon, he yells with great joy, go fuck yourself

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@ucme Haha good one man

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See, it does kind of make sense when you read his reasoning.

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So they’d neither be the bride or the groom, but kinda both…the broom was swept of his/her feet

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Kinda sad for him. He’s single but not by choice. I wish him well.

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I am all for championing ourselves, being our own best friend and not being relationship needy, but…to actually create some sort of formal proclamation or ceremony is just stupid. Why not just click your heels together, turn around 3 times and say ” I marry myself, I marry myself, I marry myself.” Done! lol

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Sounds like a protest wedding.

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I imagine different people define it in different ways.

It seems like an easy target for jokes. I have an image of a man and a mirror standing before a priest. Or someone explaining their relationship with themself, and what the terms of the relationship are. Then there’s the scene where the self-spouse tries to get into the swingers club as a couple.

I can imagine it being a serious thing for some people, and even making sense, though.

I think people should have the right to define who they are and what their contracts and relationships are.

Also some people get pretty confused. But such things may be part of their path to healing, and be a healthy thing.

I know of some people who marry inanimate objects. Or disembodied persons. Or gods.

There are some serious ancient spiritual traditions that include this. To name drop one that modern skeptics might know, the Virgin Mary is one. That wasn’t an original idea, by the way. There were many other spiritual women who had practices involving self conception and related ideas. Again, usually this was a spiritual metaphorical thing rather than the way modern “scientific” skeptics tend to relate to it (i.e. as literal woo woo super-powers that make no sense).

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It doesn’t really need a material benefit to be considered as marriage. The idea of marriage is created by human thus any variation will be expected to occur from time to time.

I can think that self-marriage is empowering the individual who does such thing. That he/she doesn’t need anybody to be happy, and that he/she can be just as happy as any married couple.

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They should just make marriage compulsory and then no one is left out.

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@flutherother That would require arranged marriage would it not?

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Let’s not forget that his occupation is given as “performance artist”

Thar being said, he does have a valid point of view about how single gays and women are kind of looked down upon by society in general. Single men are complimented as “players” while single women are looked upon as failures. And gays are told they are failures if they “can’t commit” to a relationship.

I think his reasoning on this was well thought out and much better presented than the woman referenced who did basically the same thing.

It’s easy to dismiss what he did as silly until you actually read what he has to say regarding his motivation and thought behind it. Good for him. I wish him well.

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@NerdyKeith Shotgun weddings for the reluctant.

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@flutherother Ah like the good ole Vegas weddings hehe

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