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Why is it surprising Monica Lewinsky would endorse Hillary?

Asked by JLeslie (59828points) April 26th, 2016 from iPhone

I just read on Facebook that Monica is endorsing Hillary. There were all sorts of comments about how great it is that Monica was able to forgive and forget and put the past behind her. For the life of me I don’t understand why anyone thinks Monica was angry at, or disliked Hillary. What am I missing?

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Forget about it. Means nothing. She’s in it for the cigars.

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Before reciting a fact from Facebook, it would be helpful to find and cite the source. I’ve gotten caught out a few times repeating untruths.

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^^I didn’t say it was true or not. I cited Facebook. Certainly, not a reliable source. I was asking about the comments. Why it would be surprising if Monica supported her? Maybe I worded the Q poorly.

I’ll try to search for a more reliable link about it, but even if it’s untrue, I’m still curious why people think it’s unlikely Monica would support or vote for Hillary. Monica was the girl in the side. I don’t think Monica pines away for Bill. I don’t think Hillary did anything directly to Monica. Just because a girl fools around with a man doesn’t mean the same girl hates his wife.

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Here is a poorly written article, which cites quotes referencing what Monica has said.

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It’s time for social media to shut its collective, judgmental mouth and give Monica a break. She’s a grown woman in her 40s who should not be defined by mistakes she made in her 20s. If she believes Clinton is the best choice for president, she has as much right to endorse her as anyone.

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You can disregard World News Daily, their front page stories include “German Scientists Prove There is Life After Death ” and “Ringo Starr Claims the ‘Real’ Paul McCartney Died in 1966 and Was Replaced by Look-Alike”

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Shees you guys! @JLeslie is not asking if the story is true, she is asking about the reaction or why, if true, the story would somehow be inflammatory. (Correct me if I’m wrong @JLeslie)
If it makes it easier for you to understand pretend she prefaced it with “hypothetically, if Monica were to endorse Hillary…..”

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They share common ground in that they both suckled on Bill’s bent boner, girl power babe

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The story might be surprising because, regardless about her feelings about Hillary as a person or a candidate, Monica Lewinsky may be happy to not make the news as an adjunct to the Clintons.

She was made a national punch line. Jay Leno should give her royalties for making “Monica Lewinsky” his catch phrase.

Skeevy Kenneth Starr forced her to stand (with her mother) before a committee and describe her sex life in minute detail while pervy old men asked her about sperm, penises, and her vagina.

Virtually everyone she meets knows her only as the Clinton affair girl.

Yes, I am aware she is making a career as an anti-bullying advocate based on her association with the Clintons. But that is something she controls, an effort to make the most of the hand she was dealt, and an honest effort to help others.

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I would find her support of Hilary quite surprising. The ridicule and shame Lewinsky went through was if not directed at least encouraged by Hilary. Hilary is claiming to be a feminist but when confronted by the scandel, chose instead to revert to blaming the woman. The last line of an article written by Monica “Hillary Clinton and I will have a lot to talk about when we run into each other in that special place in hell”, doesn’t sound like an endorsement.

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It’s not to me. I shouldn’t care, though.

@Jaxk Ridicule and shame? It gave her celebrity status.
And Hillary has two l’s in it, like “billion.”

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I guess I’m just not willing to give her the time and effort of a second L. Besides, I have more respect for ‘Billion’ than I do for the Hellion.

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I gave/give @Call_Me_Jay GA, and counter with:

“As a result of the scandal, Lewinsky gained worldwide celebrity status; she subsequently engaged in a variety of ventures including designing a line of handbags under her name, being an advertising spokesperson for a diet plan, working as a television personality, and then leaving the public spotlight to pursue a master’s degree in psychology in London.”
In short, Lewinsky/Clinton were caught because Lewinsky was bragging to a co-worker about the affair, and Lewinsky subsequently has significant financial gain from the exposure the affair brought her.
What was Hillary supposed to say, “I feel sorry for all Bill’s ‘girls’.”?

So. I see where an equal case can be made either way for Lewinsky endorsing Clinton.
Personally, I’m with @Call_Me_Jay – if I were Lewinsky I’d stay out of it.
If Lewinsky enjoys the limelight enough to drag the scandal up again, it’s her choice.

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I’m surprised whenever anyone endorses Hillary, unless they were paid or misinformed by people who were paid.

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“The hand she was dealt…”???

Has everyone forgotten that this is the woman who bragged to her cohorts that she was going to Washington to earn her “Presidential knee pads”? Has the collective amnesia excused that this is the same woman who not only set her sights upon a college professor with whom to have an affair, but went out of her way to befriend his wife??

Whatever hand she ended up with was of her own choosing and if she had just kept her mouth shut, likely none of this would have played out on the world stage.

She chose to seduce Clinton (flashing him her thong, remember? ) the same as she chose to seduce the college prof. This was HER CHOICE. Nobody dealt her any hand which she did not freely choose.

Behavior has consequences. When you choose the behavior, you choose the consequences, whether you like it or not. Nobody forced her.

Does this in any way excuse the behavior of the men involved with her or Linda Tripp. Absolutely not. They are accoubtable as well.

But nobody forced anything upon anybody. She was not a victim of the hand she was dealt. She dealt her own hand and even rigged the deck a little.

If she didn’t want to become an object of gossip, she should have kept her mouth firmly shut. Nobody forced her to reveal anything to Linda Tripp. Let’s face it, Monica was quite proud of herself and wanted to brag a little about her conquest. And it backfired BADLY.

But she was not a victim here. She set things in motion with her foolishness and stupidity. Yes, part of it was the folly of youth. But the other part of it was failure to be guided by any moral compass whatsoever (regarding BOTH men). If you play with fire (a married man) Don’t be surprised when you get burned.

Young and foolish yes; a victim? Definitely not.

And if she ever gains an ounce of common sense, she will never raise the subject again and truly let the past be the past and move on with her life. By now she surely knows that any mention by her of the name Clinton, in ANY context whatsoever, is guaranteed to be tabloid fodder all over again.

She still hasn’t learned the simple wisdom of just keeping her mouth firmly shut. She should be talking about her anti-bullting efforts, NOT either of the Clintons.

And why on earth some Facebook idiots think that Hillary needs to get forgiveness from Monica (rather than the other way around) is ludicrous beyond description.

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@Buttonstc Having an affair with a married man isn’t wise behavior.

It’s not a reason to humiliate someone and threaten them with prison.

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Basically what you’re pointing out is that Tripp, Starr and their political cronies also acted Despicable by playing hardball politics and I agree completely.

But she was the one who gave them the ammunition with her big mouth and souvenir blue dress. Slick Willy certainly wasn’t running his mouth :)

Clearly she was quite proud of herself for making good on her conquest promise regarding the “knee pads” and had to let somebody know.

But this was not a hand of cards that somebody dealt to innocent little Monica. Apparently having learned nothing from her tryst with the college prof. she likewise figured that seducing the Oval Office horn dog would also be free from consequences. And had she kept her mouth shut, it might have been.

Well, she was wrong. And the consequences were severe. But she freely chose those cards. Nobody dealt them to her.

It’s not as if Clinton went out of his way to seduce her either. By all accounts it was the reverse. One purposeful flash of her thong and his reaction was predictable. She came to Washington with her sights set for him. Obviously his sleazy reputation preceded him.

But still; even if you don’t respect the man, how about a modicum of respect for the office as well as his wife? She showed neither. And she paid a heavy price. But no one forced her to earn her kneepads, so to speak. That was her goal from the outset. She just failed to take into account the bloodsport that is partisan politics as usual.

And thats called consequences.
Should the consequences have been that heavy for her? It doesn’t matter. Some choices are irreversible. She made some piss poor choices and should have learned something.

But if she’s still running her mouth, evidently not much. Why is she mentioning Hillary at all? Makes absolutely no sense. I find it difficult to work up much pity for her.

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Damn you, Autocorrect:


Even tho changing it twice in my original post, Android insists on ending it with an E. Damn it.

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Why is she mentioning Hillary at all?

She didn’t. We are playing “What If?”

The source is a tabloid that also says “German Scientists Prove There is Life After Death ” and “Ringo Starr Claims the ‘Real’ Paul McCartney Died in 1966 and Was Replaced by Look-Alike”

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This is the 50th anniversary of Paul’s death. ;-o He was buried with his shoes on, which is why his doppleganger on the Abbey Road album cover is barefoot. What more conclusive proof does one need? ;)

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I’m super surprised at all the slut shaming that still goes on in 2016, especially among a group of people that tends to be primarily progressive

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Let’s just say someone asks Monica, “who are you voting for?” And she answers, “Hillary.” That’s what this Q is about. It’s about why would anyone be surprised she supports Hillary? Is she supposed to hate Hillary? That’s what I didn’t understand with the Facebook comments I read.

As far as Monica’s behavior. She was young. An adult, but young. She gets a little bit of a pass just for that reason in my mind. Young people do not understand the bond of marriage, sorry most don’t. Plus, for all we know Bill and Hillary have an understanding. It’s none of our business! It’s not our marriage.

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No, she doesn’t have to hate anyone. She worked on Clintons campaign and I’m sure knew Hillary Clinton as well. I think people assume that women who have affairs with married men automatically resent the wife or feel that they are the victim in a decision they made and will blame the wife for things not working out.
If she supports Hillary Clinton, I am sure it is because she feels her positions are more in line with her ideas for the Democratic party.

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