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Do people still use hand held hair dryers regularly?

Asked by ibstubro (18765points) April 27th, 2016

I’m a guy and I haven’t used one since at least the 90’s.

I do a lot of resale and I don’t see many used hair dryers.

Dyson (the vacuum people) is betting people will pay $400 for their new Supersonic hair dryer. Do you think that’s a good bet?

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Yes they do. I’m an electrical beauty consultant and I sell quite a lot of them. Our most popular hair dryer is the Remington Silk dryer.

$400 is way too much for a hair dryer. The Remington models, cost €70 max. Some hair dryers you are mainly paying for the brand and they are very over-rated. Just like GHD.

I dont use a hair dryer myself at the moment, because I growing my hair out. Overuse of heat styling is very damaging to hair. I let my medium length hair dry naturally.

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I keep one around to dry off my keyboard when I spill things on it. It sometimes gets so humid here that if my laptop starts to get cranky, I just blow dry it for a few seconds and it goes back to normal. They are good for drying paint or glue, for shrink wrapping and a bunch of other stuff. You can get a pretty powerful one down at the Goodwill or Salvation Army for just a couple of bucks.

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Yes. I use one to dry my hair after bath. I used to use it regularly but since I knew overusage would lead to hair damage I only use it when the weather is too cold. I also use it to dry various things, mostly my clothes.

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I use one daily. I have long hair.

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I have a $10 ConAir I bought ten years ago. I use it maybe once a month. I think I’ve used it more often in the last year to shrink dimples out of painting canvases than on my hair.

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When I dry my hair (rarely) I use one. I think it dates from the 80s.

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I’m not sure what an electrical beauty consultant is, @NerdyKeith, but I understand you sell a good number of hair dryers. Very professional answer.

I thought I had a blow dryer in the house for small projects, @Espiritus_Corvus, @Mimishu1995, and @Seek but last I looked, I couldn’t find one. I know they can be handy and a paint stripping gun is too hot.

80’s would have been the vintage of mine, @marinelife. I’m guessing I gave it up the last time I moved, about 13 years ago.

So, @chyna, as the only daily user present, would you be interested in knowing more about the $400 Dyson dryer?

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those things are useful for lots off things besides drying hair. Tradespeople and handymen from painters to plumbers find plenty of work for a hair dryer. I keep one of the wife’s castaways in the garage.

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I do every time I wash my hair, except in the hot summer.
No, I wouldn’t pay $400 for a hairdryer.

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No I would NEVER pay that much for a hair dryer

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I wash and dry my hair twice a week. My hairdryer is about 4 years old. The previous one started smoking after about 15 years. I use it more now as I look after my appearance a bit more now (can’t get away with it now)

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Ye gods!!
I was not familiar with @NerdyKeith‘s
GDH Hairdryer
until now! $400 may be a bargain for a Dyson!

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Mine is wall-mounted. I’ve had it about years. Cost me around $40. I love it.

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I use one for heat shrink tubing

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Periodically I use a hand held dryer, but wouldnot spend a fortune on one.
Hairdressers would possibly select the best dryers to use on their patrons, thus expensive haircuts.

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I have a hand held blow dryer that is probably 20 years old now, maybe more, haha.
It is a Conair 1875 watt I think.
I only use it on rare occasions, if it is cold out and my hair is wet, or to blow dry my wavy/ curly hair straight with a straitening product. I’m a wash and wear type, shampoo, towel dry, rub in a little Argan oil to smooth any frizz and off I go.

This blow dryer refuses to die and it really blows too. lol

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I wash my hair every day and use the dryer almost every day. I use a basic Con Air – maybe $15—$20. They last a few years. I have a backup one or two and then I throw them out when they break.

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I don’t and haven’t for probably 20ish years

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@ibstubro No worries an electrical beauty consultant sells electronic beauty and grooming products. Such as hair dryers, electric toothbrushes, shavers, hair striagheners (flat irons), curling tongs etc.

But to go back to the point a lot of these over priced models are just fashion accessories. A really good dryer should cost no more than €/$80. I purchased my mother the Remington Keratin dryer for €40 (it was on a half price offer in Boots). It does the job for her perfectly. I’d usually recommend that my customers choose Remington as the brand of choice for high quality dryers. They even get a 5 year warranty.

A lot of the Remington dryers have an anti frizz fiction on them, some of them go up to 2400 watts, have variable heat and variable air flow control. They are an excellent product in my opinion.

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Mine’s a Parlux 1300 which I has super long cord. (I may have purchased from my hairdresser) It’s got 20 years on it easily.

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I am a guy and cannot remember the last time I used one. My wife on the other hand uses one a couple of times a week.

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I use one regularly. If I paid $400 for one (and I wouldn’t), I’d want it to dry and style my hair automatically!

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We have staff for that, because we’re worth it

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I use one if I don’t have time to let my hair dry naturally before styling it.

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The one that the hairdresser uses is a professional product. It’s more expensive than the regular ones the average consumer uses, it’s heavy, it has a heavy duty cord and the heating element can be replaced when it burns out.

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Yes have to otherwise my unruley hair would stay unruley!

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I do in the winter since my hair is long. It would take 40 minutes for my hair to air dry in the winter. It only takes about 10 minutes to air dry in the summer.

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