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Can you tell me more about MGTOW?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17705points) April 28th, 2016

Men going their own way Is MGTOW.

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It’s just an abbreviation using the first letters of each word, like, BRB ~ B e R ight B ack.

And it’s “their” own way.

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Yeah, he knows it’s an acronym. (He spelled it out :) He wants opinions about it.

Apparently it’s a thing now, on the Internet.

Here is one viewpoint from Urban Dictionary.
Men Going Their Own Way; A bunch of whiny douchebags who can’t get girlfriends because of their blatant hatred of women, but claim it’s because they’re protesting against the unnamed evils that women routinely commit (see cognitive dissonance). Instead of actually going their own way, MGTOW spend excessive amounts of time complaining on the internet about how women have driven society to ruin, while they masturbate in their moms’ basements and do nothing to contribute to society. Some claim that they don’t hate all women, just those uppity “western women.” They’d be perfectly fine with dating one of those exotic, submissive “eastern women” who would do anything they asked (see stereotype).

It’s the equivalent of a five-year-old trying hold their breath until they get what they want, only they’re being incredibly unclear about what it is that they want and no one cares if they pass out from oxygen deprivation.
MGTOW: “Waa! Why can’t I get a girlfriend? I’m such a nice guy. Women are such evil, stupid bitches. I’m sick of all you c*nts not blowing me or cooking my dinner. I’m gonna go my own way!

Woman: ”...Oh no. Don’t not date me. You’re such a charmer. Staying away from women is the most effective way of punishing our misdeeds, please don’t!” suppresses laughter

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MGTOW is a herd of misogynic men who ironically have been cursed with being heterosexual.

I’ve heard that they’re soliciting donations so they can be surgically altered to hermaphrodites. That way they can GTOW and fuck themselves.

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Hilarious. That gave me my laugh of the day: ”...they can GTOW and fuck themselves.”


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My pleasure. :-D

I love your contribution from Urban Dictionary, especially this part: “I’m such a nice guy. Women are such evil, stupid bitches.”

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You sure it’s not “Men Goosing Their Own Wieners”?

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Let’s see:

Misogynists Gripping Their Own Weenies?

Masturbators Getting Their Own Way?

Masculine Genitalia Takes Over World?

Masking Genuine Totally Obnoxious Wussies?

More Gynarchy To Oppress Workingmen

Men Grappling Tenuously On Weality?

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Maybe all of this isn’t what RDG wants to hear. I hope he wasnt thinking of joining this “fine” organization :)

But, it is wut it is.

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I just read some of their billboard. Seriously, they sound like awfully unhappy people simply stewing in their own juices, pardon the pun. The problems they have with women appear to be the same as all men initially have understanding them, but these guys seem to have quit and taken their football back to the boy’s only treehouse. Life is tough, learning to understand how to communicate with women is hard for some boys in the beginning. And, apparently, a very small minority of those boys decided that the playing field wasn’t level and quit. And now they are men and anger has set in. That’s too bad. They’re missing a lot. They seem to be blaming it on the modern woman and long for the steriotypical image of the subservient woman of the past. They romanticize the woman of 100 years ago as a natural, willing servant.

Well, the truth is, they weren’t. It is well documented in diaries and journals, by people like Nellie Bly and by the physicians at the time, that many of those women were often quite neurotic due to the repression they experienced and they knew they were being kept from reaching their potentials by the whole world around them—the laws, their religion, their government, and their fathers, brothers, husbands and sons—and it cost them and the people who lived with them. But in order to raise their families in peaceful homes, they suppressed their feeling of injustice early and kept quiet. Those very same women would thrive today and strive just as hard as today’s woman for self-determination. Women haven’t changed, the legal environment has changed. But these men, to suit their own vision of ideal womanhood, choose to invent a history that supports their romantic fantasy and are angry at the rest of the world for not cooperating.

This does not appear to be a very fun men’s club. I don’t think I would have a good time in any room full any kind of people of either sex that just sat around angrily complaining about one aspect or another of an unfair world.

RedDeer, with all the stuff you have going on and the battle you are fighting, one really good thing can be said about you: you are a nice guy and you don’t gravitate toward anger or project negativity. So, I don’t think you would find much in common with these people.

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@Espiritus_Corvus Thanks : ) I identify with the asshole consultant Aaron Clarey (click on youtube ). I could be him one day. He is like a big brother that I never had.

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It’s where men who have been screwed over by divorce and women in general go to vent on youtube. Just google “red pill philosophy” or “hypergamy” and you will get an ear full. This is the male equivalent of “a woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle” to quote feminist mantra. It can mean different things to different people but in general it’s a “movement” that preaches self sufficiency from females and that female nature is fundamentally selfish and self serving. A MGTOW will tell you that women can never really love men, only themselves and possibly their children. They belittle “blue pill men” AKA those who are happily married and have no problem with women and they tolerate “purple pill men” AKA those who may realize that the system is rigged against them yet still choose to love and be married. They want men to have awareness of what they consider to be “female control” over their autonomy. MGTOW is what you think it is, a counter reaction to third wave feminism and affirmative action. It’s generally libertarian leaning in politics. It’s not in any way surprising that we are seeing this with all of the pseudo-feminist “yeah me, fuck you” attitudes of genX/millennial women toward men in general. Hide it behind any talking points you want in a small way they may have a bit of a point. Society is focused on breaking down barriers and ripping apart all of the old guard. It just happens at times to mitigate the contribution men give to society and demotes their worth to a degree so… none of this is really that surprising. These folks and third wave feminists kind of deserve each other while the rest of us are content to happily life life together.

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Um, it was this very thing that set Elliot Rodgers off 2 years ago this May when the troubled little fucker decided to go on a shooting spree in Santa Barbara CA. one fine spring evening.
He hated all girls because he didn’t have the social skills to wrangle up a girlfriend, therefore, all good looking girls needed to die.

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No, this is different. MGTOW are usually ex or current P.U.A proponents. They make it their business to understand how to manipulate women.

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If you consider Aaron Clarey a role model, I really feel sorry for you.

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okay, I’ll bite. What’s PUA?

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^ Piece uh ass? lol

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PUA probably = Pick Up Artist.

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Slaps forehead with palm, I knew that!
BFM, brain freeze moment.

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I thought piece-uh-ass was hilarious

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