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When taking different vitamin supplements should they be taken at intervals?

Asked by NerdyKeith (5464points) April 29th, 2016

I started taking biotin a few months ago to help with me growing my hair long. But for immunity and energy I’m also taking vitamin B complex and vitamin C (with zinc).

Due to the strength of the tablets the biotin is to be taken 4 times a day. But I’ll be switching to the stronger dose, so I will eventually be able to just take it twice a day. All the other vitamin tablets are just once a day.

What I’ve been doing lately is I’ve set up reminders on my phone to tell me when to take such and such a vitamin. Which is as follows:

09:00 am – 1 Vitamin C + Zinc
12:00 pm – 1 Biotin
03:00 pm – 1 Vitamin B Complex
06:00 pm – 1 Biotin
08:00 pm – 1 Biotin
10:00 pm – 1 Biotin

So my question is, do I need to space these out?

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From a medical point of view concerning medicinal dosage, four times per day (q.i.d.) technically means every six hours, but this is impractical for many people, so it is usually recommended that the person takes the med at breakfast, lunch, dinner and bedtime, unless otherwise specified. For people with irregular eating habits, it is recommended that they take their meds at the times people traditionally eat these meals.

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Yes, you do. @Espiritus_Corvus has it right.

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Well considering for healthy people vitamin supplements are useless anyway you can take them whenever you want.

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@Rarebear. They’re not useless. They make very colourful and expensive urine. And who doesn’t want expensive urine.

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@Rarebear My diet wouldn’t contain enough vitamins. I guess I would probably be getting quite a lot of vitamin c from the fruit but that’s about it.

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@Rarebear you mean they are empty of any value? Totally?

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@zephra for healthy people with normal diets there is no added value.

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Whenever you take vitamins and minerals you will want to check if they are supposed to be taken with food or on an empty stomach. Some people feel sick to their stomach when they take too much at once.

I always say get a blood test to check if you need the vitamins. I don’t know if they can test for biotin? They certainly can check for B12 and other B vitamins. I actually think it’s bad to take huge doses of water soluble vitamins if you don’t need to. There are some “studies” supporting that, but I don’t know how good they are. I just always think don’t unnecessarily overload the body. Plus, you waste money if you take something you don’t need.

A lot of people do swear by biotin helping their hair. I don’t know if there are any scientific studies about it.

Since you’re in Ireland I would conifer getting your vitamin D tested next time you get a physical.

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@JLeslie Ok thats good advice. Yeah the thing about vitamins is there isn’t very much scientific evidence that in benefits most people unless you are deficient in one vitamin or the other. I’m thinking that I might just use the biotin on its own.

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Without supplements I am deficient in some vitamins and minerals. It isn’t like deficiencies don’t exist. I just think don’t guess if you don’t have to. I haven’t tested everything I’m curious about, but some of them. Some suggested first by my doctor, and some by me.

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