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Which country has the most beautiful shape?

Asked by Ltryptophan (12091points) May 1st, 2016 from iPhone

countries take on so many unique shapes. Which one do you like best and why?

personally, I like the shape of Italy

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I love the shape of my home-country, Australia

New Zealand’s shape is also beautiful

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I like the shape of Australia too. And we even have a fruity bit at the bottom with the map of Tassie.

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I’ve got to got with Italy. How can you not think of women in high heels when you see it?
Top Ten Italian Shoe Designers

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^^I like Italy, too.

There’s a little heart-shaped island called Tavarua off Viti Levu, Fiji. Cute. Excellent surfing and scuba diving surrounded by a beautiful, live coral reef. Appropriate, I think, for a honeymoon. It is perfect place for learning how to surf and scuba dive, complete with instructors and equipment—if you ever make it out of your cabina long enough to do anything else.

I’ve lived in a couple of dangling penises: Florida and the double dong of Norway/Sweden.

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The French call their mainland the hexagon. It does have a pleasant symmetry.

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Honestly, I never thought much about it. But from the answers to this question and a little internet research, I’m going to have to go with @thorninmud and say France. I like that it suggests a five-pointed star to me.

My gut reaction, for the record, was Australia.

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I like Greece: with all of those sunny islands, what’s not to love?

But I also like Somalia: that hook-shaped country at the Horn of Africa? A horny hook, right? Or a hooky horn, maybe. And since libertarians are forever exhorted to move there, well… we’ll see.

Surely that boot shape of Italy on that beautiful leg – a leg going all the way up to Switzerland! – yeah, that’s a nice shape. But I’m not ready to anthropomorphize an entire nation, even with a leg like that. (And fashion sense, and food, and passion and great looks – yes, there is a lot to like about Italy, but “shape of the country” ... meh.)

Let’s not forget: Dat Switzerland!

So I’m going with Brazil. Big, fat, sunny, beachin’ ... that suits me.

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Since I was a teen, I’ve been aware of some of the unique properties of the US’ coastline.

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New Zealand’s shape will always be my favorite.

The North Island is made from volcanoes and the South Island is made from tectonics. There are wonderful Maori myths about its origins. It will always be my chosen home.

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Hmm, I have never judged a country by it’s shape. Once you are in it, why does the outer shape even matter? Each place in the world can lay claim to some beauty.

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Cyprus coz it looks like a mahoosive electric guitar that goes up to #11

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I like the way India is sort of heart shaped and that it has a massive coastline so hangs down into the Indian Ocean

But Italy has to win the prize every time. Even Sicily is so perfectly positioned to be kicked across the Med

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The United States. Because it has a penis.

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I like the shape of Spain, almost a perfect bulls head, kinda apropos, Ole!

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I like the UK too. Looks like an animal sitting on its bottom (to me anyway).

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Chile and Vietnam have the crazy long aspect ratio.

Vietnam 1650km by 50km
Chile 4270km by 177 km

I’m going with Chile.

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Italy – like the boot

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Norway looks flaccid.

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INDIA has the most beautiful shape.

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Check out these artificial island s in Dubai in palm shape -

If you have got money you can do anything..))

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Australia , I think

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