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Where are the Hillary supporters?

Asked by SquirrelEStuff (9178points) May 8th, 2016 from iPhone

There is a meme going around stating:
“Have you ever seen any of your friends on Facebook posting support for Hillary Clinton? That’s what I thought. So explains to me how she is in the lead.”
There seems to be a bit of an overwhelming response of people saying that they know of very little people who openly support her, and I am noticing the same.
Sure, I see people who like Bernie, but will vote for Hillary in the general.

But, where are the true Hillary supporters?
Why do they seem to be lacking on social media?
Do flutherites know of many true Hillary supporters who voted for her in the primary?

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We don’t vote until Tuesday in my state, but I will vote for Hillary.

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I have an about an equal number of friends that support Hillary and Bernie.

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Clinton’s doing just fine. People might not care for Clinton but they are terrified of Trump.

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I know one person on Facebook who supports Hillary. They are also a Jelly.

That’s it. Out of >350 friends.

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I’d say my FB friends are split about half and half. A lot of my feminist friends support her. And also some who are against Bernie’s stance on gun rights.

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Because if I post support for Hillary, the Bernie supporters troll my post, and I don’t need it.

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I know quite a few that have been supportive of Hillary on social media for a year or more.

And some of us who are friends of other jellies on Facebook just aren’t pushing her like many of the Bernie Sanders supporters. Some of us are open to either being the candidate for the Democrats in November.

I don’t vote until June in the California primary.

@SquirrelEStuff You might not see it because people tend to congregate with like minded people on Facebook, and what gets highlighted in your feed is what you agree with. Welcome to advertising driven media providing you exactly what you want.

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Strike that, two that I know of.

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I am fans of Hillary and Bernie and Trump. The Canadain electons are over too fast. I’m entertained. I signed up for two years Cable tv and I have poltics or Alberta fires to watch. I want to see what happens in the future of the planet and that means following the lead of the leader of the free world. he or she. I wonder how the leaders will pay for free tuition or walls. For the record I still think Vermin Supreme should be a vp. on someone’s ticket. He sounds smart from the little that I watched of him. Also Steven Colbert sounds smart.

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Here I am.

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Only recently, since he became “the presumptive nominee”, have I seen any open support for Trump.

I suspect the same will be true of Hillary.

So many people hate both Trump and Clinton it’s not worth the grief of going to the trouble of openly showing support for them. Once Hillary is the nominee, people can show support for her and hide behind the party if necessary.

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My facebook page doesn’t say much at all about my politics. I would never put up a Clinton or Sanders (or whatever) posting on my facebook.

Voting, to me, is a personal thing. Like religion or similar things. Just as I don’t want you foisting your religion on me (or your political leanings, for that matter), I won’t foist mine on you.

Same idea with yard signs for politics. Someone running for County Commissioner here where I live wanted me to put up a big 3×5 sign in my yard. No thanks. I’ll vote for him because he is the better candidate, but I see no need to wear that on my sleeve.

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I don’t really use Facebook much, but I know 1 Clinton supporter. We’ve had it out in person rather than on Facebook.

Clinton supporters skew older than Sanders supporters, so you’re at least going to be dealing with some initial demographic filtering that may be natural to your social media circle.

I don’t see many political posts on Facebook at all. Twitter and Reddit seem to be there place to go for that. If you are interested in finding the Clinton supporters, visit – It’s a depressing place.)

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I think every one of my siblings is a Hillary supporter and there are six of us.
(I’m a Bernie myself)

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I don’t do Facebook. My circle of friends who vote for Democrats are about evenly split between Bernie and Clinton primary voters.

But only about 20% talk about politics in normal conversation and only 3 proselytize.

At the end it distills down to two forthright Bernie fans and one for Hillary.

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I’m for Hillary. I also live in a predominately Republican state and I feel it wouldn’t behoove me businesswise to state my politics openly for fear of possibly offending a customer.

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I would say that about 90 percent of my family and friends are Clinton supporters.
Even my daughters friends support her and most of them, I thought would’ve been Bernie supporters. My husbands work mates are mostly retired Marines and even though some of them are Republicans, they say they rather vote for Hillary than Drumpf.
I think it’s rare that people know other people with such different views. We tend to click with our own kind. So it would make sense that most people will know others that vote the same way they do.

There were a few in our circles that were first in Bernies camp but they changed their mind. I think its because many people don’t think his idea if workable without it costing us all a lot in taxes, or making the economy suffer more debt. Even if college is free, eventually those college students will pay in higher taxes.

There is also the point that most people who vote for Hillary are older than Bernies crowd. So as already stated, they either don’t really use facebook or if they do, it’s only to connect to friends, and out of those, most won’t speak politics. Bernies crowd is younger and more apt to speak freer of politics with friends and more apt to use Facebook in the first place.

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I’m for Clinton. I also like Sanders. Both of them are fairly liberal—Sanders probably “more” so, but that doesn’t make Clinton not liberal. They have different ideas on how they’ll effectively attack issues, but for many of the issues they’re working from adjacent positions—what I mean is, compared to the larger context, they don’t oppose each other nearly so drastically as the current portrayals suggest…

From Congress, both would have general Democratic support, and both would have fervent rebuke from Republicans. I’m not really sure whose strategy would be most effective in that political climate. Obama has had a hell of a time getting anything into actual congressional discussions, despite his efforts at negotiation and diplomacy. And then he gets grief for trying to exercise executive powers, as if it were such a surprise he had them and might try to use them.

If I was being choosey, I would prefer either Clinton or Sanders paired with a congress that had been demonstrating the art of compromise these last eight years—because then we could see the theoretical beauty of our political system in action. (I may be liberal on most issues, but I like the idea of political leaders working out compromises and actually listening to each other.)

I feel far more comfortable with either of them as President with an obstinate Republican congress than I do with Trump and an obstinate Republican congress. Admittedly, I would probably feel only a twinge of guilt if it were a Democratic President with a Democratic majority in congress, because then at least in the event of non-compromise opinions would swing more my direction, so I get why someone who leans Republican would probably be happy with the Republican-led setup.

I hope whoever loses the nomination gives public support for the other, and I expect they will.

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I was one until Bernie swept me off my feet.

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Enormous credit to anyone who comes out & publically states their support for HC.
Must be really hard for you, so brave :D

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I heard there were some up in Springfield.

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@ucme Brave is not the word I would use. I seriously believe that people who would have her in the White House don’t know the criminal life she and her husband have lived. It blows me away to hear people praise her. I would vote for the devil himself before I would vote for a Clinton. I never imagined Mr. Trump would actually be the other candidate so it’s a really strange reality to be faced with.

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Hillary supporter here.

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I seriously believe that people who would have her in the White House don’t know the criminal life she and her husband have lived.

Wow, that sounds serious. Why has nobody investigated the Clintons’ past?

Yes, that is sarcasm.

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@MollyMcGuire You missed the sarcasm, brave as in afflicted with Clintonitis, an illness inflicting night terrors & acute panic attacks on the victim as the realisation of voting for Hillary sinks in

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Not that it matters because I’m a Brit but I have been following the elections and I am predominantly a Hillary supporter. However, I wouldn’t be unhappy if Sanders were to win either.

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@MollyMcguire that alleged “criminal life” you speak of is worthy of consideration. I might consider that the Clinton’s might well be able to slip a crime or 2 past a criminal courthouse. But do you actually believe ANYONE capable of the supposed 40 year crime spree ascribed to Bill and Hillary by the right. By now it should be rather apparent to anyone with a brain that the overwhelming bulk of this unprecedented criminality is manufactured by the right for consumption by those of feeble wit amongst us. Regrettably, the numbers of those so disposed accumulate in lockstep with rising Fox viewership. The demonization of the Clintons is fascinating to witness, because the incessant nonstop villification of the pair proceeds apace as dozens of right wing political icons topple in disgrace and are marched off to prison. But to be immersed in a society subjected to 40 years of uninterrupted slander against anyone is bound to have an effect on even the most objective of minds. My opinion of the Clintons is about as harsh as that for nearly all politicians, but when I consider the source of the vitriol combined with the fact that every single one of the supposed crimes attributed to either Clinton has ALWAYS proven baseless, there can be little question that it’s all fabricated bullshit!

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Just a message for Hillary supporters on this site.

She’s going to disappoint you. She’s going to be nowhere near as “progressive” or “liberal” as you think she is.

She’ll reform almost nothing. She’ll change practically nothing.

And she really is in the pocket of the finance sector—and it’ll become obvious to you in due time.

I’ll be here in a year or two saying: “I told you so”.

About the only exception is to those who voted Obama and are actually happy with what he’s supposedly achieved—you guys are going to be happy with any shit. It’s hard to disappoint people with abysmally low expectations.

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@Kropotkin She’ll still be a better choice than Trump.

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@Kropotkin I want no one here to mistake my rant as proof of Clinton fan club membership. I have no illusions regarding Hillary’s thorough entrenchment in the status quo. Clinton, Obama, the Democrats generally have the necessary job of keeping us in line as we strain at the yoke. Their own enrichment assures their diligence toward that achievement. And in regard to that enrichment, they are doing very well indeed. If and when I cast a vote for Hillary, I will regard my vote as forced. Because to succumb to the stupidity of going with Trump amounts to acceptance of the glaringly flawed notion that nothing could be worse than business as usual.

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I want to be crystal clear on my point of view. I am not voting for Hillary because she’s the only alternative or as an anti-Trump vote. I like her. And it’s high time to have a woman in the White House. I also think that she’s been subject to horrible misogynistic sexism, and I want her to be elected as a big fuck you to the haters.

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@Rarebear – So, you’re ok with her politics? You couldn’t possibly just want a woman in the White House, because this may have led to McCain/Palin support, right? Were you an early supporter of Fiorina? It’s interesting to hear the sexism claim made as most feminists I know consider Clinton as quite anti-feminist, and the use of her as some kind of feminist icon as breaking feminism.

@stanleybmanly – The right has always been obsessed with the Clintons and scandals, but the left has always been opposed to the Clintons due to their positions.

Clinton supporters – what are your thoughts on the short-term vs long-term effects of supporting a corporate Democratic party that crushed the left/progressives, and is now running on a “at least we’re not Trump” platform? What happens to the < 45 crowd who make up the potential future of the party? Now that the DNC and Democrats have proven to be the problem and to not be a legitimate alternative, do you think that it’s worth the long-term damage to the Democratic party?

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Trying to equate “I would like to see Hillary, a woman, in the White House” with “I would like to see any woman in the White House, regardless of any other considerations” is a really dishonest argument.

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@DoNotKnowMuch Of course I’m okay with her politics. I never said I’m voting for her ONLY because she is a woman—that would be asinine. Palin is an idiot. Fiorina is loathesome. But if Susan Collins were to run for President I would support her. Clear enough for you?

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@Rarebear: “Of course I’m okay with her politics.”

Fair enough. I’d love to hear more on this. It seems that most people (if not all) are voting for Clinton out of fear of Trump or because they felt that she has the best chance of winning. In other words, they are voting for her despite her politics.

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I’ll answer some other time, maybe tomorrow. I have a gig tonight and I am signing off the interwebs.

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They are in West Virginia. Tomorrow for the primary.

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Fear of Trump and the lesser of evils are LEGITIMATE reasons for voting for Clinton. Our problems are systemic, But the solution to our plight will not be arrived at by voting for people whose economic interests are visibly in conflict with our own. Hillary and Obama are aligned with the present system because they benefit enormously from it AT OUR EXPENSE. The only thing distinguishing them from their Republican counterparts is that they recognize the consequences awaiting their class from starving the rest of us. THIS is what the rise of Trump and Sanders are about. This is the reaction – the movement toward both socialism & fascism & I leave it to you to decide which candidate represents which ideology.

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I’m with @Rarebear. I like Clinton politics as well. Under her husbands Presidency we had a surplus. The dollar was strong. I’m hoping for another surplus.

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Her husband also signed NAFTA and the Telecommunications Act. Not like they were a big deal or anything….

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@stanleybmanly I don’t know what you are talking about. My information mostly came from a 2-hour documentary I saw years ago. It’s not something created for the election. I don’t even watch TV. I’m not into campaign advertising and videos and such. Those dollars are totally lost on people like me. I’ve read a lot about the Clintons all the way back to their college days.

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