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Does your hair grown a different rates or does it always grow at the same speed?

Asked by simone54 (7616points) July 29th, 2008

if so what those circumstances?

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Tis fungus… So I imagine aside from genetics, it’s based on how you treat it. (Nutrient rich conditioner, frequency of shampooing, wearing hats, grooming via monkey).

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Yes hair can grow at different rates. The hair on my left grows faster than on my right. When I had a regular hair dresser back in Vancouver she always cut the left side shorter for that reason. It will also grow faster in warmer months. The things one learns talking to the hairdresser. LOL!

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I’ve always heard that pregnanat women find that their hair grows faster (?).

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There are seasonal variations in hair growth rates. This study showed peak growth for scalp hair in late winter, and the slowest in late summer:

“Various parameters of hair growth were determined every 28 days for 18 months in 14 healthy Caucasian men aged 18–39 with indoor occupations in Sheffield, U. K. (latitude 53.4°N). In the scalp the proportion of follicles in anagen reached a single peak of over 90% in March, and fell steadily to a trough in September. The number of shed hairs reached a peak around August/September, when least follicles were in anagen. At this time the average loss of hairs was about 60 per day, more than double that during the preceding winter. The rate of growth of the beard was lowest in January and February and increased steadily from March to July to reach a peak about 60% above the winter level.”

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I asked a similar question on fluther asking why my hair grows faster in warm weather. Everyone told me that I was wrong about that, that it grows at a constant rate. But I don’t care what anybody says. I need more frequent haircuts and have a more prominant 5 o’clock shadow during summer months than I do in the winter.

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As people age, their hair grows more slowly as well.

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I’m with AstroChuck – my hair definitely grows faster, and I need more regular haircutting, during the summer. I don’t know why, but I sense this each and every year around the beginning of July.

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La chica: you are wrong for all the oldish, old and very old women in my family. We have huge mop tops that grow at exactly the same rate as when we were young, youngish and younger.

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Youngish? I like that. Think I’ll add that to my vocabulary.

@La chica- That definitely doesn’t apply to the ears and nose!

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Sorry Gail. Didn’t mean to make sweeping generalizations. I’m sure it’s not true for everyone. It’s just something I read.

LOL, astrochuck

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AC; You, of all people, believe what you read? Pass the smelling salts.

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