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"Dollar is dead, US is in recession" whats your take on this?

Asked by arllyn (19points) July 29th, 2008
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I so need that shopping trip over there!!

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Doesn’t really matter to me – I go to work, pay my bills, try to save some money.

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When over a million homes in the US are being repo’d and banks, credit unions and buisinesses are crumbling: Of course you are in recession. You should never believe EVERYTHING a President tells you, least of all one trying to wash off his fingerprints from the crimescene with the blood from Iraq.

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homes are being repo’d because of irresponsible overspending by greedy people wanting as big of an image builder as the bank will let them buy. Banks and finance companies are “crumbling” because of irresponsible lending to those same people. All of a sudden the Arabs jack the price of oil up, and all the hummers and yukons parked in the driveways of those unaffordable McMansions are sucking up the income used to pay for the houses. Then the house gets repossessed and it’s Bush’s fault cause he went to war for oil. We won the war..,why is the oil more expensive? Oh, and how come GW’s approval ratings were outstanding the first few years of his presidency….until the democrats gained control of congress. You think one man spends all our surplus?? Who APPROVES the budget? Democratic congress.

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Everybody loves to worry…

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@jholler: thanks for the laugh, I needed that. Good one.

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Sounds like an illiterate conspiracy-theory believer to me

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You know what makes the depression worse everytime?
People actually transforming that in a phobia, rather than actually analyzing critically the situation and study feasable solutions to that.

+1 to syz.

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