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Is freelance programming the only way to travel the world while earning decent money on the go?

Asked by sherdil (26points) May 17th, 2016

I want to travel the world and live at different places across the world. And I want to be able to earn decent money from any part of the world. Is programming the only way to do that?

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How about tour guide and air hostess?

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There are many ways to travel around the globe and make a decent salary. If you want to be successful, it’s a matter of tapping into your interests and talents. What do you like to do that might garner enough interest to a company to invest in you? Do you have the education and/or skill set to be successful?

There are numerous options available. Tell us what you really like to do, and we might be able to provide some guidance in careers that support this desire, as well as in the direction of how to tie it into international travel.

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Freelance programming isn’t super-easy – your skills may not match the needs (or skill levels) in the places you will be. And landing a job in each new country may not be that simple’ in some countries you may need a work visa (as opposed to a tourist visa), and you’ll have to figure out taxes in each locale, and so on.

I think it’s a cool idea, but it will be complicated.

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Not at all. I highly recommend reading the book The Four Hour Work Week. It’s subtitle is Escape the 9–5, live anywhere, and join the New Rich.
It explains many ways to do what you are looking to do and has helped change my life and outlook on work and money.

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No, I know an English teacher who goes to various Embassies around the world. She has numerous offers of work every year.

Being able to speak several languages helps. You could be a freelance translator.

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How about joining the Peace Corps?

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Of course not. You could do tons things that could incorporate travel. People ask this and some always bring up the Peace Corp. That might work for you but with your skill you could probably get into something not restrictive and contractual with less commitment. The Peace Corp generally takes you one place for your tour.

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@MollyMcGuire @jca how do I join the Peace Corps? What is their eligibility criteria? Do these deal with any dangerous situations?
@YARNLADY Which exams I will need to clear or which certifications I need to get to be able to do that?
@elbanditoroso I mean I can have a profile on freelancing websites and work online as well as travel the world…can one earn enough this way?
@Pied_Pfeffer Thank You! Actually I have not been able to figure out my interests yet. I am 25 already and have to do something now.
@Mimishu1995 How do I become a tour guide or air hostess? Do I need to do some courses?
I am 25 year old Indian guy.

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What do you enjoy doing so much that time flies by because you have become so focused on it?

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@Pied_Pfeffer watching movies, spending time with girls and playing video games.

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@jca Can Indian join this? Do they pay? Will I get to travel world or just US in this?

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@sherdil Oh, I didn’t know you are a male. So maybe air hostess isn’t suitable for you, but you can be a tour guide. Go brush up your English more, especially spoken English. Get as much knowledge about your area as possible and learn how to speak naturally and how to interact with people. Then go apply for some local travel agency or something like that.

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@Mimishu1995 But I can be a steward right?
My English is good. I used to teach UK students. But the place where I live is not a tourist destination. What should I do now?
But I want to travel the world as I said in my question.

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@sherdil yeah, you can be something like that. But the two jobs I mentioned invole good communication skill. And it doesn’t only require English. And a job as a steward doesn’t let you go see the countries so often.

And contacting a travel agency is just a starting point. You can go on tours to other countries when you have more experience. If you can’t find a travel agency locally, you can go somewhere else.

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Here is the challenge. To accomplish the goal of traveling internationally, it requires deciding on two of these three choices: fast, cheap, or quality.

If you are willing to sacrifice “fast”, then invest in the training/education it takes to be qualified for a career that offers international travel. It takes time and money, but it can be cheap because the company covers travel costs, and most pay well. One downside to consider is that most people who travel internationally on business have very little time to sight-see.

If you are willing to give up “cheap” for sooner and good quality, search out a good-paying job whether you enjoy it or not. Or…you could become the partner of someone who is rich and can pay for it.

If you are willing to give up quality, sign up for a position that does volunteer work internationally. They live frugally, have little control over where they are assigned and for how long. The upside is the experience in helping others and having the chance to experience other cultures.

As for what you really enjoy doing, of the three items listed, what is it about them that you like and why? Do you like watching any movie or is there a selection process? Do you like talking to any female or is there something specific that captures your attention? Do you like playing any video game or only those affiliated with a certain genre?

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