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Why did you buy a iphone ?

Asked by patrickx (34points) July 29th, 2008 from iPhone

8/16gb.?white of black?

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16gb black.

Why’d I buy it? I’ve tried a bunch of smart phones:

Sidekick 2
Sidekick 3
blackberry pearl

I actually played with the iPhone (Edge) before I bought it… and I liked what I saw.

Mainly, a good web browser, music / iTunes integration.

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8GB 1st Gen iPhone…16GB too much for it although I have about 60GBs used on my iPod Classic. Don’t really need to use the iPod feature on the iPhone too much.

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because I wanted a smart phone and they finally designed a phone with me in mind. Thx apple

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I ♥ my iPhone

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So i have the internet in me bed!!

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Why did I buy an iPhone?

I didn’t, my wife got it for me, as a Christmas present!

1st gen owner! Screw 3G! I live 80 miles from a 3G area!

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8gb 3G. I bought it cause it makes me almost as cool as Steve Mcqueen.

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because ik want something in my hand of 525euros!!

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