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What's your most expensive paperweight?

Asked by DrasticDreamer (23983points) June 4th, 2016

Right now, mine is a brand new computer. My sister and I were attempting to build it (her second time, first time was very successful), but it’s not working and we can’t figure out why. I figured I’d hop on to Fluther to ask this question so I don’t just dwell and and drive myself absolutely crazy. Which isn’t really working.

So – what was your most expensive paperweight?

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A 1968 Plymouth Barracuda that I bought in 1976, worked for two months then had all kinds of problems.

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@DrasticDreamer It can be made to work. symptoms?

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@ARE_you_kidding_me We think we figured it out! We were trying to test everything before we had it all assembled in the tower (to make sure nothing was faulty… lol!), but absolutely nothing was happening when we turned the power supply on. We started thinking something might be wrong with the power supply itself, so we did the paperclip test, and it was working just fine. Then we started thinking it was something else that was faulty.

Thankfully my sister started trying to look it up, and she found forums where people were freaking out for the same reason. Then experienced builders got on and said that a button on the motherboard needs to be engaged before accepting any power from the power supply. Which is funny, because she even said “Where’s the button?” when we were trying to test it earlier. We looked and looked and couldn’t find it, but apparently this one is really small and it didn’t come with anything to attach to the motherboard in order to engage the button so it could be tested. Haaa! Ugh, I’m so relieved.

Sorry if that’s kind of all over the place – I’m sleepy. Because of that one little thing (hopefully, anyway), we were at it all day.

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OK, mission partly accomplished. Now go get some rest (or wash your face if you just woke up).

To answer the question, I think it’s phone. But then again I have the habit of grabbing anything near me for a paperweight.

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Carstairs when on paid sick leave

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A high quality laser printer I bought in 1992. Weights a ton. Cost around $2000. I haven’t used it since before the turn of the century but I think it still works. Parts and supplies still available for it. I don’t have the heart to dump it.

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I have one dead hard drive (with stuff on it I want to transfer) and two obsolete laptops sitting around.

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I only have one and it’s a rock that a friend painted in geometric design for me. I do love it.

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Our treadmill.
It does a nice job holding folded blankets.

A drymount press and matte cutter.
I was a picture framer in the late 90’s. Haven’t used them since.

Were it my sole decision, I would have donated them already. Sadly, they’re too big for me to sneak out of the house unnoticed and my wife says, “We’ll use them someday.”

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Oh dear. It’s a ring that weighs enough to require an arm sling in order to wear it and barely fits on a pinky finger. It was purchased on e-Bay for $1700 and is appraised at $5000 just for the gold. It was designed and commissioned by architect Frank Lloyd Wright for one of his wives, proven by the notorized paper included.

It’s become a family joke. I no longer want it. If someone is willing and able to make an investment that could pay off, send me a PM.

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A paperweight by Josh Simpson something like this ONE. Paid $175.

Oh you mean a a figurative paperweight like the 21 inch monitor from a Engineering department that was hooked up to Sun Microsystems, Inc; Solaris operating system. But I only paid $50 in 1998, you can heat a small house with it when you turn it on.

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1992 treadmill – freaking heavy and useless

if I could move it up the stairs and out the door it’d be great for one of those trash picker-upper guys to nab

these days I use it to keep vintage wire fish traps and and MCM fibreglass lampshades off the ground

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Several old laptops and two desktop computers.

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Bills….and more farm bills!

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Probably the typewriter. It doesn’t work, but I can’t just throw it out.

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@longgone , my favourite auctioneer refers to typewriters as inexpensive anchors

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@BellaB That’s pretty accurate!

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