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Are there any late nite cafes in San Francisco? And if no, why!

Asked by excinit (10points) July 29th, 2008

I’m looking for a cafe open past 11pm to do writing in during the late hours. I knew of a place in suburban KC that was open till 2pm. But I’ve been searching and asking and found nothing past 11pm here, which is far too early. Free internet is helpful.

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yah its called Mr. coffee and a chocolate doughnut jk I dont live in San francisco so I wouldn’t know

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Here are a few options for you:
1. Grubstake
2. Sparky’s 24 hour diner
3. It’s Tops Coffee Shop
4. Tart to Tart
5. Starbucks in Laurel Village, SOMA and Union Square

I would call to verify, but the first two are definitely open super late. Have fun.

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Tart to tart is open until 2am most, if not all nights I think, and I believe they have free wi-fi. Yummi pastries as well.

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Oh, also Orphan Andy’s is a great place open 24 hours. They’re on market right at Castro Street. It’s more of a diner, but they have coffee there and the atmosphere is casual.

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