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Is the search function not working?

Asked by Earthbound_Misfit (13152points) June 11th, 2016

I have tried a couple of times to search for something and both times the site has just hung there. I think it says something like ‘loading’ and nothing loads.

Not sure if one of our technological whizzes can have a look at this. It is handy to be able to search for questions/people.

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Search hasn’t been working for a while. I know that the tech mods are looking at it, but my impression is that it’s more complicated than any of the other fixes they’ve done.

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I use Google to search for things and have much better luck.

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Funnily, it is not broken for everyone. For me, it works perfectly, as long as I remember to only use the search box that’s beside “Contact the Mods”. For what it’s worth, I’m using Chrome.

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Clicking on your name takes me to you user profile. takes me here.

EDIT :: I had Ghostery disabled here so I tried it with it turned on and sure enough.

They use google for search so the site is calling external resources which any privacy extensions or ad blockers you use could be killing.

My initial hunch is that this isn’t a Fluther problem until you disable any extensions you have installed and try again.

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Thanks, @johnpowell! I’ll have to keep experimenting, but disabling Ghostery seems to have solved it for me.

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Thank you @SavoirFaire, @longtime and @JohnPowell. I do use Ghostery and l think l might have used a different browser. It worked last night, and I think I used a different browser from when I had a problem. I’ll experiment.

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For what it’s worth, search works on Edge too

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In Google, type ‘’ (without quotes) and your search terms, and you will get much better results than you will ever, ever have using Fluther’s search function.

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Search works perfectly for me, as well.
Desktop. Firefox. Win7.

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