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How can I grow my hair back quickly?

Asked by Nerd140516 (7points) June 25th, 2016

I wanted a fringe so I cut my hair but I didn’t like it so I panicked and I cut of so my hair is really short at the front but it looks terrible! How can I grow my hair back before my parents notice?

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Your hair will grow about half inch per month.

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Yeah, that’s not going to happen, unless you’re in college and won’t see them until Halloween.

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Haha..unless you are in boarding aschool in Vienna and not scheduled to see your parents for another 9 months, not much you can do about that. Hair grows at different rates, and faster in the summer months, but….it will take, depending on how short you have cut it, a minimum of several months up to a year or more if you want to regain 4–6 inches. An inch or two might be re-grown in 3–4 months, maybe.

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Parents can be more understanding of mistakes than you think.

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Assuming you meet the age requirement to have joined Fluther in the first place (and welcome to you), your parents should know that you’re of an age where they can expect you to make some mistakes from time to time, some more boneheaded than others, and some that may have life-threatening consequences. On the scale of mistakes that teenagers make, and which their parents have to learn to accept, this is on the lowest of the low end.

But your parents are going to notice, so I have some advice for you that’s different from what you expected: Own the process by which they notice. In other words, take charge of making sure that they notice (while you may also prepare to respond with a “WFT, Mom, it’s not like I asked you to find me an abortionist, now, is it?” just in case you don’t do this quite right, and you still take some flack from a parent who hasn’t quite realized that this ain’ no thang).

So here’s a possible scenario for you: You’re away somewhere for a short while. Summer camp, school for a few more months, or whatever. Call Mom. Prepare her for the shockingly bad news: “Mom, I have some awful news to tell you. You need to prepare yourself. Are you sitting down? Please sit down and take a deep breath before I tell you my news. Are you ready? … I gave myself a really awful haircut by mistake.”


“Mom, are you still there? Stop laughing, Mom. It’s a really awful cut.”

Et cetera.

Own it. It will grow into a family legend in years to come. And it’s a technique that you can use over and over, too.

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It really is moments like that that we all learn to cherish. We do love our kids unconditionally. Perspective and a good sense of humour helps.

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So, one time my Bestest Friend Ever That Week (you know how junior high is) wanted a cool new haircut. She had this picture in her head of how it would work out to get these really great layers. So she pulled her hair into this super-high ponytail, stretched it a bit, and cut everything about two inches away from the scrunchie.

Insta-derpy-mullet. It looked utterly horribad. She looked like Friar Tuck who hadn’t shaved his bald spot in a few weeks.

She had to go the entire eighth grade year like that. Poor thing.

This fringe this is no big deal, in comparison.

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At least it wasnt a tattoo. I have a relative that is a tattoo artist and one of his lastest has a grammar error in it. I dont know how to tell him. Now THAT would more difficult to show a parent.

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To add to what @CWOTUS said: go get some good hair gel, and comb your hair into a Conan O’Brien/Bruno Mars pompadour. If it is up off your forehead, no one will notice that it is oddly short.

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Jellies, don’t you think we’re being pranked? This newbie joined Fluther today, and this question is his/her first post.

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Why would this be a prank?

I found answerbag years ago while looking for hairstyle tips.

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Glue it back on with Gorilla glue…your folks will hardly notice.

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Eh, just shave it.

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Don’t worry about your parents. Just tell your mum you made a mistake and now you know better.

My sister did the exact same thing you did when she was very young.

By end of summer (assuming you are in summer now) your bangs/fringe, should be long enough to put back in a barrette or sweep to the side.

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Perhaps you could go to a salon and have a hairdresser even it up for you and then tell your parents.

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@Nerd140516 How did things turn out? Were you able to have it “fixed” at a salon? And did your parents “not notice” visibly? Welcome to Fluther. I did a hair cutting as a young person too.

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^^^ @Nerd140516 has already deleted his/her Fluther account.

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